The game of football is super exciting and the level of excitement increases manifolds during the last 45 minutes. Both the teams entered the ground on scheduled time. The team that scores more goals wins. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; The team of Central School was equipped with strategies to defeat the Khalsa Modern School. Football is my favorite game because it is quite challenging and interesting game. An engineer by circumstances and a writer by choice, He loves to express himself in writing. The match started at almost 11.30 am it started two hours behind schedule because of rain. Preview. Watching A Football Match. Since then it has become my passion. The enthusiasm level among the fans matches that of the players on the field and it indeed is a site to behold. Paragraph On Football – 200 Words for Classes 6, 7, And 8 Students. FIFA that was established in the year 1904 stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association which is French for International Federation of Association Football. Their fans shower immense love on them and they return the same by showing gratitude. Just like every other game, football also has certain set of rules that define the way it should be played and determine as to which team emerges winner. Indeed. Recently, I got the opportunity to witness a football match between Donbosco School, Guwahati and Christ Jyoti School, Nagaon at Nurul Amin Stadium in Nagaon town. Football, which is also known as soccer in many parts of the world, was invented over a century ago. How started: the game began punctually at 4 P.M. Paragraph on Football 6 (350 words) Football is an interesting game played between two teams consisting of 11 players each. There were loud cheers from their supporters. Moreover, sports matches are a kind of get-together where players, apart from playing and displaying their physical stamina We hope these Football paragraphs will help students in completing their school assignments. This includes a 15 minutes break in between the match. Author: Created by MissRathor. ADVERTISEMENTS: I have witnessed many football matches, but one partic­ular match, that I always remember, was held last year between the two Calcutta giant teams: Mohun Bagan and Hast Bengal. For the first ten minutes the two teams were evenly balanced. It is exciting to see the way the players take on each other to bring the game to their stride. That’s probably why I like it; also, football brings people together. Contrary to the popular belief, football is not named so because it is played with the feet. 4) Football is played on a big ground and on this basis lots of stadiums have been constructed all over the world. This is held to recognize the achievements of the best team and player during that year. Its arena expanded and over the time it has become the international governing body of association football, beach soccer and futsal. Recently, I got the opportunity to witness a football match between Donbosco School, Guwahati and Christ Jyoti School, Nagaon at Nurul Amin Stadium in Nagaon town. A football game is a violent sport that involves agility, strength, and strategy. Watching A Football Match : Watching A Football Match is different experience. The ground was full packed. On the other hand, in a cricket match, there is a wicket-keeper. Last Sunday my father took me to see a football match. Short Paragraph on A Football Match. However, there are certain teams that continue to hold top ranks year after year. Contrary to the popular notion, FIFA does not define or control the rules of the game. The match was to start at 1 p.m. The Indian National Football team performed very well under the coaching of Syed Abdul Rahim during 1950s and 1960s. In … The match began punctually at 4 p.m. in the sunny weather. Football is a game played outdoor by the two teams. Descriptive Essay - A Football Stadium essaysExcitement, adrenaline, fans, and a perfectly manicured turf: these are all things that come to mind when thinking about a football stadium. Only those who have had the experience of watching the game in the stadium know the actual excitement and thrill that builds during the game. Most of the footballs are now being made with rubber bladders. How to Write a Football Match Report. It is not a mere game of amusement. I love the game of football, it is a fun game to watch and play. Universally Football is declared as, a favorite sport of millions of people. The craze for football is increasing by the day. I began to play football while I was 6 years old. Each of the team was trying its best to win the match. As a result it overturned the match and gained control over it which was lost during the mid-hour. In case scores are equal by the end of the 90 minutes stint then the match will end as a draw. My mother finally agreed after one long week of incessant nagging. The victory in a football match is determined by goals, but in a cricket match, runs and wickets are brought into consideration. Football: The Rules of the Game There is a 15' break between the 2 halves . The offences relevant for the purposes of sections 7(2) and 15(1) of this Act are the following— (a) any offence under section 2(1) or 5(7) of this Act; (b) any offence under section 2 of the M1Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) The goalkeepers wear padded gloves in addition to it. It was expected to be a well-contested and lively match. However, there are certain football matches where in a penalty shoot is given to determine the winner. Football, also known as soccer in certain parts of the world, was invented more than a century ago. Conversely, football players wear shorts and jersey. It goes without saying that the team with the maximum goals wins the game. My passion for the game of football went undiscovered until my senior year. Share Your is the home of thousands of essays published by experts like you! One of the most impressive football stadiums I have ever been to is, "Old Trafford." Paragraph on Visit to a Football Match – by Jenny. Pro Football With a growing number of people becoming interested in professional football along with college football, I thought I would explain some of the contrasts and comparisons’ between the two divisions. Temporally fatigue manifests an inability to maintain maximal efforts inside short, intense periods, whereas general fatig… At one time, the game appeared to be ended in draw. target_type: 'mix' Home / Paragraphs / Short Paragraph on A Football Match. Where there is a will there is a way essay. A large number of students of both the schools were present to witness the match. It is played with a circular ball having a circumference of 58-61 cm. Paragraph 1 - 100 Words. 555 words essay on A Football Match. Football teams from various countries participate in the world cup. The game is also a physical game to play; I love to be physical. The first part is the first half and the second part is the second half . Comparatively, it is more popular in Europe and Latin America. It is a game of strength and stamina. World’s Largest Collection of Essays! It is played with a big circular ball which is kicked by the players with the aim to hit the goal. During this time, it also qualified for the World Cup. Football is one of the most exciting games played world over. Welcome to! Universally Football is declared as, a favorite sport of millions of people. It has participated and emerged winner several times in SAFF Championship which is the top regional football tournament held in South Asia. If you've recently taken the job of a sports reporter or have been assigned to cover a football match, it's important to do an effective job. The level of enthusiasm of the spectators is as high. They serve as a great support and motivation for the football players. It is also one of the oldest games. It is a game of strength and stamina. People are ready to shell huge money just to see their favourite players playing live on the field. /* India Celebrating_300*250_New */ Publish your original essays now. 0. commentate on the table football matches he used to play. ADVERTISEMENTS: Last Saturday our school football team played a match with Laxman Public School. Cricket is time consuming whereas football has shorter duration. Football is a game that involves kicking of ball with the feet to make a goal. Ltd. | 2017 All Rights Reserved. Both rugby football and association football were widely loved and played across the Atlantic. After the toss, the referee blew the whistle and the match began. A football match often has 2 parts . Cricket is still confined to a […] Next, on the second half of the match, the defense of Van Giang team is better. Several similar games were being played since centuries ago in different countries and were known by different names. Moreover, it’s a great relaxer, stress reliever, teacher of discipline and teamwork.Apart from that, it keeps the body and mind fit and healthy. The initiative for the formation of FIFA was taken to monitor international football matches among the teams from Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherland and Spain. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. In terms of popularity, it is as popular as cricket. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; The entire ground was well decorated and a large number of chairs were arranged for the guests and spectators. The referee blew the whistle at 11 a.m. sharp and the match started. Football is one of the most popular games in the world. In fact, life itself is a game. It is also one of the oldest games. Published by Experts, Short essay for kids on the Habit of Reading, 318 word short essay on Fashion (free to read), Essay on Leadership: Introduction, Functions, Types, Features and Importance. 5) International authority FIFA (International Federation of Association F… Goal keeper is the only player who is allowed to handle the ball with any part of the body including hands. Football fans in India support football teams belonging to different countries but at heart are waiting for India to participate in the FIFA World Cup and give them a tough competition. The booking for the football tournament tickets begins months before the game. But the players of Khalsa School were all the more alert particularly their goalkeeper was very tactful. A football match is played for a total of 1 hour 45 minutes. Each team consists of a total of 11 players that include 10 outfield players and one goal keeper. Students can select any paragraph on Football according to their particular requirement. Today, it organizes some of the major international football tournaments including the Football World Cup. The team who scores the number of goals will win the match. The match began punctually at 4 p.m. in the sunny weather. It was in the 1950 FIFA World Cup that India got a chance to play. However, China claims to have played the first version of football centuries ago. Football players have huge fan following. Goal can be scored using any part of the body apart from the hand, arms or shoulder. The popularity of this game can very well be judged by the excitement that builds among the general public during these matches. France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Netherland, Chile, Belgium, Portugal and England are among the countries that have the best football teams in the world. It is the easiest sport, with a definite set of rules. Before today’s popularly known modern football, this game was played and was famous among the mid-19th century people. The two teams were well- known for their game. Free sample essay on A Football Match. His day begins with writing and ends with reading in the night to share his vast knowledge with you all about the various topics He writes. One of the good sides of football is that it does not need a technical instrument before you can arrange and play football.Unlike other sports like basketball, lawn tennis, etc. In my previous article, I pointed out that there are two types of fatigue during the game. google_ad_slot = "1982849078"; The team with maximum goals is called as the winner team the one with less goals become loser. It was played between Don Bosco Secondary school team, Park Circus, Kolkata and St. Johns Secondary school team, Hastings Road, Kolkata at Mini stadium at Park Circus, Kolkata. Life would be dull without games. Created: Feb 2, 2012 | Updated: Apr 9, 2018. Football is one of the most popular games in the world. However, it withdrew before the commencement of the tournament. The history of this game dates back several centuries. Football is the world’s most popular ball game in … Modern football is said to have evolved gradually from these different versions of the game. Related posts: Here is your Short Paragraph […] Five years ago, my father asked me to watch a football match. A Football Match. Football fans are spread across the globe, even in countries that do not participate in international football tournaments. A number of football tournaments are held each year and based on these the football teams are ranked.