Hailing from Cedar Ridge Winery in Cedar Ridge, Iowa, this single malt is part of an on-going experimentation by this scrappy little distillery. Even though this is aged a minimum of four years in 53 gallon barrels, this bourbon exhibits an extreme youth that tends to show from its color all the way through the actual whiskey in the glass. Cedar Ridge Distillery launched their first bourbon in 2010 to pay homage to the fact that Iowa is the largest corn producing state in the Union. This item Cedar Ridge - Slipknot No. bourbon in Iowa. Slipknot and Cedar Ridge Distillery – two groups of people born and raised in Iowa, and committed to quality and hard work. bottles of each expression Iowa Bourbon, Single Malt, Silver Label Single Malt, Malted Rye, and Wheat. Then the whiskey is brought back together for marrying in their solera vat. Award-winning wines and internationally recognized spirits are produced on site at the only winery/distillery in Iowa. As the first distillery to open in Iowa since Prohibition, Cedar Ridge is preserving the legacy of a lost craft. This is a historic milestone for two reasons. Spirits offers are only available for pick up or local delivery. There’s a tingling of ethanol that makes its presence known, but not enough to be to unpleasant. Go to shop Wine Library, Springfield, NJ. Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered Straight Bourbon (Batch 29). After ageing in a whole range of oak barrels, including wine barrels from the Cedar Ridge winery, the liquid is then finished in a solera system. “It’s the best juice we have on the property,” says Quint. A traditional rye whiskey, made with modern craft distilling techniques. We collaborated on “No. Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt. 9 Iowa Whiskey (90 proof) will retail for $39.99 and No. As we pointed out in our 2016 The Year in Bourbon article, more and more bourbons from upstart distillers arrive on the market every year. For that’s what makes Cedar Ridge Whiskey Authentic by Nature. 9 - Whiskey. The Quint family has been farming and distilling in Iowa for generations, and Cedar Ridge was Iowa’s first licensed distillery since Prohibition. Regular price $45.00 Sale price $45.00 Quantity must be 1 or more QTY: Decrease Quantity Increase Quantity. A well balanced, smooth and fruity spirit. In 2005, Jeff Quint founded Cedar Ridge because he believed it was time for Iowa–the number one corn-producing state in the U.S.–to share its homegrown Bourbon Whiskey with the world. From there, it goes out for finishing in a variety of cask types: brandy, rum, wine, port or sherry. The mashbill is comprised of 74% corn, 14% malted rye, and 12% 2-row malted barley. Cedar Ridge was the first licensed distillery in Iowa since Prohibition located … You can hunt down a bottle through online retailers here. These notes then fade away to just the white pepper and fresh wood, which linger for a short period. So from the very first sip, every step of the process is evident – from grain to glass. Managing every step of production, from grain to glass, is how you craft authentic whiskey. If you’re ever in the area, we encourage you to stop by for a tour, and see for yourself! Cedar Ridge Distillery. Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Whiskey is aged for a minimum of three years. Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon is an interesting release from the heart of corn country. To malt, the rye grains are soaked in water to germinate, then given a blast of hot air. The whiskey celebrates the fact that Iowa is the largest producer of corn in the USA, and the corn is produced on the family-run farm. We're not around right now. *Their small batch Iowa Bourbon is normally bottled at 80 proof.