The following day, hold a class discussion about the story. Jun 30, 2020 - First Week of School Ideas. Most importantly, clearly communicate your expectations to your students on day one. This is my go to game to ease kids into a new situation. First Week Of School Day 1. Sign up today! Parents are usually comfortable with this when they are clear that those photographs and videos will only be displayed within the school building and will be used for the sole purpose of exhibiting their children's hard work. First day of school activities for high school students 14. To get students ready and motivated to learn right from the start, introduce technology-based projects during the first week of school. I've found that developing a good rapport with students takes strategic planning. This is a great idea for a quick filler on the first day of school and a great way to learn the names of all the students. Involving students in the development of class policies initiates the critical thinking process and gives students the sense that my class is more of a democratic community than a dictatorship. At the start of every school year, It’s a good idea to have some lessons and activities that make the first few weeks back extra special. First Day Activities For High School Students. Use my week-one strategies below and printable calendar to guide your back-to-school plans. Student Projects All the chairs should be lined up in a single line. For a virtual first day of school, begin by showing your students the video. Try bringing in games as first week of school activities. Red elbow . On the first day of high school most students spend time getting familiar with their classmates, teachers and subjects. Encourage students ahead of time to formulate ideas about the story mechanics, such as character motivations and plot twists. This activity helps stir their creative juices and allows them to interact with each other. Be sure to save this post by pinning this to your Pinterest account. ... (pronounced Geena High-duke), and the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. You won’t be disappointed! And make sure you enjoy the rest of your summer! Using a video camera, have students create video commercials that advertise their favorite books or movies they have seen over the summer. This note to parents outlines our Class Rules, necessary materials, and the types of activities we will be occurring throughout the year. Self portrait. Then, to begin the game, divide the class into multiple teams. I have five activities that can help make that time a little bit easier. Here’s a look at what we did in our first week! My students' main concern is adjusting to their new environment and getting to know new classmates. See the unit HERE. I hope these activities and ideas can help plan your first week back. Have students create a five-minute video biography. The perfect way to welcome a new class of students at back to school. Everyone solves their own puzzle. 7 first week of school activities and lessons to make the start of school memorable. First Day of School Pictures. Once students are enthused about reading, it is time to assess their reading levels and allow them opportunities to preview your class library. Fill each complete cup with apple juice to see how many students correctly followed the directions! You’re lounging on a white sandy beach. Provide instructions for folding a drinking cup from a piece of paper, and see how many students can make a cup. In addition, I create a "sample commercial" to serve as a model for students. To help us all start out right, I rely on these key icebreaking activities that have worked well with my teenage students. See more ideas about first week of school ideas, school activities, school. If you are a first-year middle- or high-school teacher, this will be very helpful. Math games and phonics games are a great way to review concepts that may have gotten fuzzy over break and to introduce new topics. Their classmates give to payees clues to a puzzle. 2. View not found. These include things such as: Step 2: After I communicate these guidelines, I make creating a Class Rules list a community-building process. Students LOVE these! Having a bunch of activities for the first day of english class at the ready will help to make the transition from summer vacations to school smooth and stress-free. I divide my first-week activities into those that get students acquainted, projects that introduce technology and warm up skiils, and reading-focused lessons. For every student, the teacher places a chair. Give students an assignment that will really engage and challenge them. Giving students a list of materials that will be needed daily (binder, pens, pencils, folders, etc.). Commercials Using a video camera, have students create video commercials that advertise their favorite books or movies they have seen over the summer. THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS ONLY WEEKS AWAY! If you are teaching remotely, you might be wondering how to start the year out and help students get to know each other during the first few days. Not only do they have to adjust to being back in a learning environment, but they also have to adjust to new surroundings and rules. For this classroom icebreaker, students need to be flexible and balanced. To get students ready and motivated to learn right from the start, introduce technology-based projects during the first week of school. Have the class create a time capsule with answers to questions that you pose. 1. There is room for them to draw a picture of themselves and also fill in the blank style questions to help everyone in the class learn about them. Not only is it significantly important to clearly inform students of your expectations, this information must be conveyed to parents as well. I incorporate students’ views and opinions by posing two simple questions: Student responses are charted. Classroom Printables, Activities & Worksheets First Week of School Activities Teaching Resources A curated collection of first week activities and ice-breakers to help your students settle in … I feel that a high-quality teacher must begin the year by trying to get to know the students well. Like most teachers, I send home a general letter the first week of school. Planning virtual activities for the first day of school can be daunting, but take some time to sit down and make a plan. The first week of school has a lot of setting up expectations and rules, getting to know you, and sharing, but there’s also still a lot of learning. Respect others as well as class materials. Both of these projects help me become more familiar with my students and get the students enthusiastic about attending class. Five veteran teachers share their secrets to a smooth start to the year with tips for setting up your classroom, getting students acquainted, and motivating learners for the year ahead. Much like students who spend more hours on the hook of an essay than they do the bulk of an essay, I often found myself with a case of English teacher writing block when it came to planning my first day of school activities. PBIS Rewards can make your schoolwide PBIS program easy to … Browse first day activities for high school math resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources. The first day of school can be difficult for teachers and students. Get on that chair. May 9, 2020 - First week of school activities, handouts, and procedures for the elementary classroom. Other areas that need to be addressed within the first week of school: Tip: In order to address multiple learning styles, all expectations should be conveyed verbally, in writing, and visually. {huge thanks to Michelle from Apples and ABCs for this adorable idea and tutorial!! Communicating the methods that will be used to assess their work (i.e. The transition from vacation back to the classroom can be stressful, but with the right amount of pre-planning and a good strategy for that first week, you can ease into school feeling cool and ready for success. Contrary to popular belief, teachers who develop positive working relationships with their students do not do so by magic. He and his wife, Robin, are coauthors of the "Free College Resource Book. Motivating most adolescent readers, especially those who struggle with literacy, is a challenging task. And I do get-to-know-you activities and icebreakers the first week of school. TEACHING RESOURCE. ", Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images, Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Education, Explore state by state cost analysis of US colleges in an interactive article, Scholastic: Critical First Week of High School. The self portrait is a good way for your students to get to know each other. Since most teachers spend the first day of school distributing syllabi and lecturing about class rules, you will really get the students’ attention if you make them work the first day and get around to that “business” stuff on the second or third day of class. Then, as you look at your calendar, you have a revelation. Icebreaker activities are useful for establishing common ground, diffusing the... Jo Paganwork/group activities for students Meme posters: Use memes to convey your class rules and procedures! These digital back to school activities are part of this You’re Finally Here! Try to have students include details about their early childhood years, life at home, hobbies, interests, and lifelong goals. Remember to be flexible! Following directions. Grab these FREE games to add to your back to school activities. For these examples, the only necessary materials are books and a video camera: Motivating Students to Read Distribute paper and pens/markers or personal whiteboards to each team. Doug Hewitt has been writing for over 20 years and has a Master of Arts from University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Kids need to build their stamina for sitting and working for long periods of time, so I find that when I do fun activities with my firsties I have a better year in the long run. Your students may take longer to complete an activity, or they may be quicker! For the next week, we played Get to Know You games as she called them, every day. Developing good relationships with students' guardians is vital in limiting the amount of turbulence you encounter during the school year. Hosting a Successful Open House. )Learning styles survey. There won’t be school assemblies or hugs at the classroom door, so it’s on parents to pump up kids for the new year. My formula: On the first day of school, immediately after introducing myself and giving a brief description of the READ 180 program, we develop our class rules. The questions can include topics about media such as, “What is your favorite TV show?” “What is your favorite song?” “What are you most afraid of in high school?” and “What are you most looking forward to in high school?” Have the students write down the answers and file them away into a folder that will be opened at the end of the semester or year. REBECCA BAGWELL 17 AUG 2018 CLASS. If you’re a high school science teacher (or a soon-to-be high school science teacher), I’d like to share with you how I preferred to start the year with my freshmen and sophomores- and why! Students write checks to their classmates. Memorable First Week of School Activities. To get students excited about reading, I start the school year with a read-aloud that will be relatable to students and will increase their enthusiasm about reading. rubrics). One book that's been a big hit with my students is Sharon Draper’s Tears of a Tiger. And most of the other students will be older, which can be intimidating for incoming students to a high school. Browse first day of school activities high school resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources. Have the students write a script for what the actors in the commercial will say, which will stress creativity, and have them decide on an appropriate backdrop for the commercial and any background music, which can be played on a portable disc player. TM ® & © 2016 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have learned from experience, that if you skip this vital step, you will likely receive written work that appears as if the dog has chewed it or it was accidentally left in a back pocket and run through the washing machine. If you are interested in more activities to build culture in the first week of school (or really anytime), check out this bundle here. These 30 fun and inspiring first-week activities and back to school ideas will make your start to the school year memorable. Back to School Ideas that Seasoned Teachers Know. This means that getting into a routine can be T.O.U.G.H. The first week of school is an ideal time to reinforce the positive messages from the first day of school. If you are a middle school … Have students create a commercial advertising their favorite book or a book they’ve read recently. Free for students, parents and educators. Check out these fun first day of school activities that can be done online or in person. For these examples, the only necessary materials are books and a video camera: Have students create a commercial advertising their favorite book or … Though I taught mainly biology, I also taught physical science. With that in mind, you should always consider what first day of school activities can stimulate introductions, get students talking, and set the tone for successful classroom management. Follow directions the first time they are given. I like to have what I call a “soft start” to the school year and that includes lots of stories, crafts and fun. Daily First Day and First Week of School Activities Activity Lesson Plan Book: First Day Back to School - Classroom Checkbook Challenge First Day Back to School - Classroom Checkbook Challenge This is a fun back to school project. Forming Class Rules is one part of the process of conveying clear expectations to students, which is critical for creating a productive learning environment. This activity helps to break the ice and can help students explore their feelings. I've found it to be helpful to also attach a notice requesting parental permission for students to be photographed and video taped. How well do your students follow directions? 5 free first day of school activities 1. By My shyness faded quickly that year just because of those daily, just-for-fun, games. I start by leading a discussion about the characteristics of commercials that are particularly memorable to viewers (jingles, great tag lines, strong images, etc.). It doesn’t have to be graded, but it should break the ice and get students … Then, the teacher asks them to go stand in a certain order. I always found my first week lesson plans … One book that's been a big hit with my students is Sharon Draper’s. You can also have them break into groups of four so that they can start to develop new friendships. Step 1: I lay down some essential "Ground Rules" that are based on what I need in a classroom environment. Name Tent. The Best Back-to-School Tips From Teacher Advisors. This is a two step process. I hope this post is helpful and sparks some ideas for you as you begin planning for you first week of school. Download the PDF from here. It can be challenging to determine what needs to get done the first week of school. Thus, it is equally as important for teachers and students to get acquainted. Activities for the first week of high school can help to break the ice and to help students prepare for an academic year of learning. First Day of School Activities for High School and Middle School English. Every student has to stand on a chair. Has this happened to you? What is necessary in order for you to accomplish your goals? You can also assign students to write a brief essay about the story in order to gauge the writing levels of incoming students. Activities for the first week of high school can help to break the ice and to help students prepare for an academic year of learning. Icebreakers We took our first day pictures with the cute little “K” for kindergarten! That way, you can easily find these ideas again! Take a break from the first-day-of-school stress with a pop quiz — a pop culture quiz. You reach for your PDA so that you can check the time for your scuba lesson. Nicole Sledge, Tried-and-true strategies for building rapport and setting expectations from day one. Have students stand up and introduce themselves to the rest of the class. The first day and week of school are always a special time. 9. The first week of school can be a daunting time. Get inspired by these 17 fun, creative first day of school activities and try them out yourself. It can be helpful for shy students for you to prepare a list of topics that they can cover, such as hobbies, favorite shows and books, foods they enjoy, and sports or clubs the student might want to explore. book unit with a full week of printable activities, plus five days of digital activities on Google Slides, AND preloaded into Seesaw. Providing visual examples of what is considered "presentable work" and what is considered "unacceptable work." The activity includes the Interview Questions Worksheet, the Salt and Pepper Matching Activity, a paper version of This or That, and 8 more activities. In advance, create a list of 10-15 questions about current pop culture, from music to movies. Not only are you getting a brand new group of students that you need to get to know, you are dealing with paperwork, classroom organization and management issues, AND your specials usually haven't started yet. Sit down, grab a pencil and your planner, and use these creative ideas as a starting point as you begin to map out your return to the classroom. (You might want to conduct this particular assessment on the playground, however! Games, songs and and fun ... > CLASS ; COLLEGE ; TESTS ; VOCAB ; LIFE ; TECH ; First Day Activities for High School English. Letting your students know that you are invested in their success, coupled with the tools they need to be successful, is central to PBIS. TeacherVision Advisory Board Member, Sara,... Related Resources. If you are an elementary teacher, you may already know all your students names just because they were at the school the year before. Here are 10 activities that I use during those first few weeks of school to break up teaching all the classroom procedures. See more ideas about school activities, beginning of school, school. Then I use their answers to modify and add on to the Ground Rules. The first week back to school after summer vacation is an adjustment period for any student, but for students who will be attending their first week of high school, the adjustments can be even greater. Make math learning fun and effective with Prodigy Math Game. He authored the book "The Practical Guide to Weekend Parenting," which includes health and fitness hints for parents. Education World: First-Day-of-School Icebreakers Help Students and Teachers Warm Up. I hope you find some useful activities for your first week of school. Have students read a short story as homework during one of the days in the first week of high school. You can use the printable template and instructions at the Origami Japanese Paper Folding Web page. For example: “I want you to organize yourselves from young to old.” The students now have to change places … Present yourself with a stern yet caring demeanor. In my high school classroom, I've found the key to success has been to focus on three critical areas: Building a rapport with students, establishing rules and expectations, and having a strategy to help students get motivated to learn.