Full Disclosure – I am an attorney and a Native American. What were the age differences in Walt and Vic in the books? More “understood” than explicit. Why not wish them happiness is my approach. I had great anticipation for the final season, and enjoyed it. I don’t understand the people that think he was a father figure to her. Cady ran for sherrif but we don’t know if she won or whether she and Zach ended up together, Ferg made the grand gesture but did he get the girl? They were disgusting. It also showed just how racist non-whites can be…..they loved Cady not because she was there to help them but only after she killed a White man….If she had killed a native man in the same scenario (protecting a native woman)…..it is doubtful she would have received the same adoration by those on the reservation…. I also agree about Tantoo Cardinal, she was my favorite character in the whole series. Bad timing in relationships I get. I really liked Longmire but his blindness even in face of the truth started to grate on me. He used to be a soap opera actor in the 80s. Episodic TV is particularly grueling for the actors and directors because the schedule doesn’t like to bend in response to the difficulties and emotions of drama. But Vic did not take on a hausfrau persona in any way. While I appreciate that this is theater and story-telling I have a few issues. And Travis’s mother would never allow her son to be in a healthy relationship – he would have to stand up to her and set firm boundaries. But in the world of pop culture, where one TV show, one relationship, stands as an example of “everyman and everywoman” then I think the trend needs to move away from the norm being an older man and a younger woman. There may be explanations but there are no excuses. Nor is he stopping her from continuing her career as a cop. http://blogs.indiewire.com/womenandhollywood/study-how-much-older-are-male-leads-in-romantic-films-than-their-female-co-stars-20150601 All in all, it was a fun series and if they did a movie I would watch it for sure. I guess the writers wanted to go out the a bang! I am so glad to be able to moment on this series .I’m going to make this quick . That was never portrayed anywhere that I can see. I also watched my mother suffer a miscarriage. Men, however, are romantic leads up into their 70s and are paired with much younger women. I love Cady running for Sheriff, keep it in the family, she had given up her life and career for her father, he wanted to give her a life of law at least. Also, the age difference between Walt and Vic is a non issue. Find where to watch Longmire: Season 6 in New Zealand. ” loose-ends they wrapped up a tad bit too neatly” Also, I didnt get the point of Cady sweat premonition, that was never explained unless I missed something. Mathias … But wasn’t there a note with the barn saying hope you have as much fun with this as my daughter & i did?? Walt and Vic shared the “trenches,” and bonds grow in those situations; that’s why their relationship was believable to me. And I would love to see a TV movie: Cady is sheriff, Vic a deputy, Henry as casino manager, and Walt while home gets drawn into a new or old crime storyline. I will miss it too i binge watched watched the whole series! I think we all interpreted the word “hausfrau” the same. I think that’s couple stuff. Probably because I was with someone 17 years older than me and it worked, it was a really good relationship. It’s not like we actually know anyone from watching them play a role. If Walt didn’t have Cady, it wouldn’t have felt so funny. November 17, 2017. I was extremely upset about the points you enumerated above, James. To my knowledge, the children have always lived. Pilot 52m. She accused Walt of having an affair with Vic when he had her stay at his house. As for the “age factor” I just don’t see that as much of a problem. I was so insulted by the idea of her sitting one the porch waiting for her man to return I think it fried my brain for other details. 4. Season 6 of Longmire brought the Sheriff Walt Longmire story to an end in a way that I’m sure made many fans happy. EWWWW! It wasn’t necessarily because of the age diffence but because they worked so hard to present Walt as a father figure for her and always trying to keep their relationship platonic. Henry and Jacob join forces to pursue Malachi. It was time for it to end . I couldn’t even watch. I just want to know who the baby’s father was… was it Travis? See also: Longmire 6.01: “The Eagle and the Osprey” Episode Review David Cranmer is the publisher and editor of BEAT to a PULP. Just seemed so shallow to me the way he treated her. That’s real life. I “really liked” this show and only “liked” the ending. I am still pleased to see her happy. tunefind There is no linking or other HTML allowed. And just an oberservation, Lizza who was interested in him on season 3, they never explained why he didnt really take to her. There is a 75 character minimum for reviews. Watch Longmire - Season 6, Episode 10 - Goodbye Is Always Implied: At the casino, Jacob's issues intensify. The bad guys were all believable. I will be honest I stumbled onto it because Yellowstone was not available on Netflix yet and Longmire was the first recommendation… I had “heard” of Longmire but didn’t know much more than the name. Above all, the acting was amazing. I find her so unattractive. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Travis was a puppy . I never crossed the line but I can understand the frustration when criminals needed to do no more than run one way to the county with the crooked sheriff or the other way to the reservation with a police chief who also crossed the line when it suited him. Ferg misses Zack and Vic missteps with Eamon. I agree. Vic will keep the home fires burning while she continues on as a deputy, and Walt can pursue his bucket list. It felt very forced, probably because as others have said, their relationship was always portrayed as that of a father/daughter or mentor/protege. Perhaps if I had read the books, it would’ve helped with the desire to have them end up together, but for me it didn’t feel right. It’s been a wonderful series to watch for 6 seasons and I’m going to miss seeing more of it. showed how racist non-whites can be? I believe he was a good man but I did not like how he treated some people especially his daughter, Henry, Ferg and of course Nighthorse and Zach! Also, there were a couple instances of close calls by both of them over the years. It perpetuates biases on both sides. News flash: strong women have sex, and that includes women in law enforcement. Report Top. . I think you and your readers will love it. I stopped watching in season 5. He was her mentor/father-figure type and I couldn’t watch it. Walt meets the medicine woman and progresses with the Doc. They were both strong willed and I think they made a good couple. I wish I knew what Vic told him on the porch about ‘What do we do now?” Never could understand her. Ridiculous. I think that Walt was such a strong father figure to Vic that them getting together in the end didn’t feel right. She just went thru explaining to Zach about how she gave up her desires to leave Wyoming and to have a different life to take care of her parents and then boom. Cyd R. Nov 03, 2019. I thought the same thing. Here are a few references to the kind of thing I’m talking about: The preparation for the final episode, with Vic talking to her dad (John Doman) about being a “girl” and grieving over her lost baby plus her worrying over Walt’s safety weren’t enough for me to accept her transformation in the last episode. On tonight’s episode called “Harvest,” a farmer’s death is investigated. Late to the game … but a few thoughts on the windup to the series …, Re: Walt/Vic … something doesn’t ring right … Walt was engaged in an Oedipal Imperative … separation of personality between father/daughter re: Cady’s journey to “find her own Way” … it would be very much against his core character to f’ w/ her … both in terms of engaging in sexual tension w/ Vic AND in terms of Cady succeeding him as Sheriff … his core “devotion” to Martha (then Cady) would have made that impossible … to date, EVERYTHING in Walt’s disposition toward Vic was as a caring and respectful (yet anxious) desire to guide, not manipulate, her toward an appropriate resolution toward her own “Daddy Issues.” (Same as Cady, but necessarily far more “clueless.”). Very sad! And then she went back to her job. Totally love the show and the cast done a wonderful job.. please !!!! I am not sure about Cady as the sheriff. I agree that the relationship between Walt and Vic seemed to progress naturally. There was a scene seasons ago when Walt and Vic went out of town and had adjoining rooms. And Henry should have never slammed Night Horse npr the tribe if they the tribe held him on making a mistake they should walk in his boots. My biggest beef is that when they showed the little clips of how everyone was moving forward, there wasn’t one for Night Horse. True Blood recap: Season 6, Episode 4 Warlow's identity is revealed as Bill and Eric each make bold moves that end badly By Mandi Bierly Season 4 guide for Longmire TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. They needed each other and were both a lot alike in some ways . That said, I rather enjoyed the series and happy how it was wrapped up with the characters. Ruby was perfect. The nice thing is we were all so invested in these shows that we can debate the characters we love so much. I felt the writers were laughing at the viewers, with poor plotlines like Cady’s run at sheriff and her happily-ever after ending with a man she had known for five minutes. It was to remind him of the longevity of their friendship and all they had overcome together. Season 6. It would have been much more satisfying to have implied the intimacy between the two, rather than have the big sex scene. A&E. I don’t recall the answer to that. And Ferg proposing to his nurse girlfriend? I was disappointed in that end. . Getting Started | Contributor Zone » Contribute to This Page. You dont have to sleep with everyone and I dont think he has ever been attracted to her. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Longmire anytime, anywhere. I was blessed to work in the motion picture business for 2.5 decades. I was a cinematographer and camera operator on many feature films and TV series you have all seen. Forgot your password? Longmire is a crime drama series that premiered on A&E Network on June 3, 2012, before moving to Netflix in 2015 and completing its run on November 17, 2017. Homeland connects its threads in an explosive episode By Shirley Li February 12, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST Primal heroic story, that. I agree Too that Ferg got the short end of the stick. Something that is very rare these days. We could end with Vic on the porch in uniform and Walt ready to depart on his treasure hunt ride. What makes Vic’s feelings for Walt misplaced? I never saw Walt as a father figure to Vic, I always felt there was an attraction between them. sweet as Travis was, he never stood a chance . I loved her smile and her character. It didn’t make sense.” TOTALLY! And at the time they were fighting/ on the outs. JOIN SIMKL. Episode Ep. I don’t think Night Horse was any worse than Walt or Beloved Henry. At times, I probably looked like that native American dude who cried because he had trash thrown at him on the side of the highway. The reality is that over so many episodes, the actors will eventually create their version of the characters, and that may be very different from the originals in the books. How It Happened and 4 More Podcasts Worth Trying Including the end of Trump, Inc. vulture lists 2:45 p.m. Megan Amram’s 103 Best Trump Tweets, Ranked … Also, the comments made above were very insightful. It was wholly her choice. Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot 6/03/2012; Season 1 Episode 5 Dog Soldier 7/01/2012; Season 5 Episode 1 A Fog That Won't Lift 9/23/2016; Season 2 Episode 3 Death Came in Like Thunder 6/10/2013; Season 3 Episode 2 Of Children and Travelers 6/09/2014 TOP. One question i had was “WHo sent Vic the little toy barn and farmer and pig?? Jacob and Henry unite to hunt down Malachi. Sometimes in movies and tv, I think they could just show a look or an embrace with a kiss that tells the story. My wife is 16 years younger. They took the Sopranos exit by writing your own ending leaving everything open ended. Vic only has to advise or mentor Cady, and she does not have to work as a deputy if she wants to leave that part of her life soon. It’s just that people (like myself) who have responded to that comment do not agree with you that Vic is going to quit her job after moving in with Walt, and be ” a woman who stays at home and cares for her house and man”. I agree with all your comments. I thought Cady’s interactions with the Cheyenne people were one of the most interesting things in the series. 02. As a huge fan of the show, I was a bit disappointed with the Vic and Walt ending. Not the same in Australia (I have stopped watching shows when I didn’t). If for no other reason then to have some great character development. If only all American men were so morally sound and good of heart. Great comments – enjoyed reading all the different opinions. The sweat was very good, but after a sweat, the medicine man helps to explain the visions. Ick. Will miss them greatly. ‘Vikings’ Season 6, Episode 4 Recap And Review: ‘All The Prisoners’ Is Excellent And Heartbreaking Erik Kain Senior Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. I have an objection to the portrayal of Native Americans and the dilemma over the sick child. It would have been very cool for the character who was considered a joke by his coworkers and community in the first season to grow into the role of Sheriff by the finale. The series was well-acted, well-written, well photographed. Tantoo Cardinal as the Crow Medicine Woman though, what a great character! In contrast to the awkwardness Walt had with Donna when they tried to get intimate, this scene and the following one on the porch, showed the comfort he had with Vic. My mother was never the same after she lost my brother. The worst people in the world. There are spoilers ahead. As a man, I could hardly stand to look at Vic. She also knew that he couldn’t resign his job and stay in the area, at least for some period of time. Don’t think we’ll get any more. Viewers never got a real picture of what happened to him. Of course the guy will always have that sentiment. I would prefer to see them both with a partner closer to their own age. I also liked the Walt/Vic relationship. TV Schedule. Indeed, in an earlier season Longmire’s daughter mentioned it and seems to have forgotten. You love who you love. My mom is 11 years younger than my dad. Over six seasons, there was a literary quality far and above what’s usually on TV. I think that was an inner fight for him. The latter showed some evidences of being somewhat less mature and stoic than Vic was. I didn’t see the ending as wrapping up everything in a pink bow. 02. All rights reserved. After an incident involving a Cheyenne child with Scarlet Fever, Cady lost all her clients. Actually, Robert Taylor is 54 and Katee Sackhoff 37, so while the age difference is substantial, it’s not quite as significant as some make it out to be. I wanted it to be just a tenderness between them, turned romance…and felt the sex scene wasn’t needed to get that point across. I’m just grieving the end of one of the best shows on tv. It was creepy, like a father daughter thing. Vic slept around?? Walt is still facing the wrongful death lawsuit and he starts investigating what happened to his best friend. http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2015/05/26/leading_men_age_but_their_love_interest_don_t.html It got a bit too sweet and fluffy for me. YES!! Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. This was a modern day Western meets Sherlock Holmes. Walt did so many not even borderline unethical things it’s to hard to write them here. It seems a sort of tongue in cheek nudge at the old formulae of the lone cowboy riding away at the end of many western episodes. As a whole, I thought the season was excellent. I always hoped that Walt and Vic would end up together, so I loved the ending. Please do not use ALL CAPS. Besides her being needy and homely, they could not have continued to work together. If he was born in a different era for his previous relationship to not work out and then just jumped in with Vic didn’t work for me. Walt comes in and tells her to be sheriff with no experience, training or know-how (and a mighty slap in the face to Vic and Ferg) and she’s all gung ho. I thought most of it was in keeping with the Longmire traditions of the past seasons. I really enjoyed the final season and was sad it ended. S SEASON 4 E EPISODE 6. He just couldn’t allow himself to go there. Of course the main characters were all really good. I agree, Vic is the same age as his daughter! It was there for him as well but because of his being her boss, her still being married, and not really being over his wife, etc. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), post about the age difference between Walt and Vic, http://www.cheyennenation.com/executive.html, http://www.cheyennenation.com/legislative/agenda_request.pdf, http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2015/05/26/leading_men_age_but_their_love_interest_don_t.html, http://blogs.indiewire.com/womenandhollywood/study-how-much-older-are-male-leads-in-romantic-films-than-their-female-co-stars-20150601, http://jezebel.com/the-crappy-age-gap-between-leading-men-and-female-love-479811066, Radium Girls tells a story of radical courage, Review: The Lighthouse of the Orcas (El faro de las orcas), Review: Longmire Season 6, The Final Season, Monarca, season 2, takes a quest for power to new heights, Beforeigners is Nordic sci-fi that brings up the past, Flack, season 1, makes the worst people look good, Réunions brings French comedy to an island paradise, Kajillionaire, or maybe grifter is better, Sir, a story of tragic and archaic class systems, For All Mankind, season 1, presents an alt version of the space race, Short Bits about Dickinson, WandaVision and Batwoman. MOVIES. Don't have an account? Please watch the Netflix limited series, “Godless” for a great western genre experience. Henry and Jacob join forces to pursue Malachi. But after a 13-month hiatus, some fans might need a refresher. Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO. Totally unbelieveable at times!!!! Rewatching the ep, however, I count 9 councilors…. With that said, I loved the story line despite its flaws mentioned above. The look on her face was the same look I have seen on liberals who think they have just been handed the keys to the kingdom. Longmire season 6 episode 4. I loved every season . written by Anne Cohen. Trust, mutual trust, is suggested. All in all, I enjoyed the story line and appreciated the core characters development. We had enough in the end to draw our own conclusions. I love them together because I adore their characters, the strong acting, and the realistic portrayal of a May-December relationship that was not surrounded by “Daddy issues.”. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. I binged watched the entire first 5 seasons and am awaiting for 6th to be made available thru local library. An inevitable confrontation leads to changed lives. The performance from each actor must come from their faces and communicate that uncertainty, yet clearly see relief and hope in their faces for happiness together. In the following sections, you can read a brief and long summary of Longmire Season 6 Episode 1. Release year: 2012. And to imply that she and Zack are still a couple begins her potential tenure with an inappropriate supervisor/subordinate relationship. I thought it meant housewife: a woman who stays at home and cares for her house and man. I thought there would be more, although here was a “let’s wrap this up and go home” feeling to it. A social worker can call on tribal police to take emergency custody of a child under ICWA. In another episode of White People Who Don’t Understand How Prison Works, ... Scandal recap: 'The People v. Olivia Pope' Robert Taylor (The Meg) leads this crime-drama series as an unflappable sheriff still reeling from the loss of his wife—a pain he hides under his work ethic and dry sense of humour The characters stopped in the middle of stake-outs and gunshots to discuss Henry’s plans for the casino.While the others were out dodging mob bullets, Walt and Vic were reminiscing about death and then kissing. Especially good were the scenes where Henry was staked to the ground in the sun for days before Walt rescued him. I think the best actor was guy who played Night Horse. I think Henry sent them to Walt. My last girlfriend and I had an 18 year age difference and we had a fantastic and loving relationship. And we don’t know if Vic and Walt will stay together – I felt like it was left very open ended. I replayed it several times and I couldn’t understand her either. Never liked the Vic character, books portray her as gorgeous but a potty mouth, usually every sentence she uttered ended with the F bomb, sometimes more than twice. Just inconsistent in the writing. She was still prone to some childish behavior but that is what makes her human. I would also have liked to see what became of the mayor, and a few others. 02. Walt Longmire while not perfect lived by a code and was a man of honor.Vic was a strong,sexy,smart, and hard-working female character. Longmire: Season 4 (Recap) Episodes Longmire. The plot line of having the ownership “signed” over to Malaki just would not happen. Like I said, I don’t think the age gap was all that great. Not telling us and burning the DNA results are a way of saying “it doesn’t matter now” more than “who cares”. IMHO, the dialog from the scar exploration scene and the morning front porch scene could have been combined to create a scene that implied an emotional discovery between them; even a realization that mutual healing is waiting for them to embrace (pun intended) if they will just let it. Her attraction to him has been obvious since the first season but she has never thrown herself at him in my memory. Longmire Season 6 Episode 10: Goodbye Is Always Implied Summary: Jacob's troubles escalate at the casino. Loved this Series though! Season 6, Episode 10. Secondly, Vic decided to stay behind to continue her career. I ended up kind of liking him despite some of his methods. Jen, I Completely agree with your interpretation of their relationship and how the final season played out. Like to hear others response on this. I have just finished watching the Longmire series… I was HOOKED from the first episode. On the last episode things started to get serious when Vic and Sean ended up getting kidnapped, this put Walt in corner and he ended up having to make an unlikely allegiance in order to get them back and save them. I thought maybe it dealt with a contrast between Vic and the lady Dr. he was interested in. Longmire: Season 4 (Recap) Episodes Longmire. I can see the difference between men and women’s ideal endings. I think Walt is HOT, very handsome and sexy but I dont think he and Vic should have gotten involved sexually. I loved how strong Vic was! And her running for Sheriff being a cop was a little strange to me. Search. I don’t want this thread to devolved into a snipe fest. Closure with the mayor would have been nice especially with the way he turned on Walt. Longmire inspires admiration for its straight arrow, all American hero Walt Longmire. And this one was very satisfying. As a former police lieutenant I have been startled by some of Longmire’s actions. Until you’ve been through it, you can’t understand. Romance is not an alien experience for them. Facebook. The battle with depression does not go away overnight. Longmire 6.04: “A Thing I’ll Never Understand” Episode Review. I suppose you can argue the TV show fixed that by having their relationship come to fruition MOSTLY after he resigns. (Of course, she wasn’t an American — I’ve found that age discrimination is worst globally amongst American women). I kept yelling at my television, “there are tribal laws that would prevent a child from being deprived of medical assistance!” But the story just kept propagating ignorant myths that have plagued native americans for years. Scenes of high emotional drama need time in the schedule to give the actors and director the time to “find” the performance that communicates the right vibe. My husband is from northwestern Wyoming, and he is a major fan of the series. It was weird and creepy. The scene enxed, if I remember right, with both of them staring at the adjoining door. It’s not like he was a minor character. We are both in our 70’s and appreciated the fact that a show could be written without foul language and graphic bedroom scenes and carry on for 6 seasons. It developed over years and Walt did feel the same way, just not as obvious and tried to deny them. Sometimes the most passionate of relationships spring after two people go through a day to day existence for a long time…then suddenly something snaps and all hell breaks loose into a wonderful relationship. APPS. I felt like I was watching a dad with his adult daughter’s best friend. In the case of the teacher it was to ignore it. Longmire airs tonight on A&E with another episode of season 3. I just stumbled upon this series a few weeks ago and like a good book, I couldn’t put it down. Again, simple research as to what really goes on would have been helpful. Cady also had a last minute change of heart about leaving town for another reason I won’t reveal. Then Longmire giving up a job he loved for Vic, instead to go treasure-hunting – something he always thought to be a foolish venture when others did it! I also found the tribal council scene to be hard to swallow. This episode which is titled “The Eagle and the Osprey” is overall episode #54 in the show and is written by Hunt Baldwin. Please bring back more longmire !! I really enjoyed all the seasons and thought it was a great show. I thought that it should have been kwpt more muted. The “ick” factor for a couple of characters here I don’t get tho you are all entitled to your own opinions on this point. They also just write Lizza off the show, no remorse on Walts part nothing. He always treated her as a colleague right from the start, and she was never daughterly towards him. Prosecutions are brought by the state in criminal matters not by individuals. However, are they a couple? And when I say far more graphic, I mean extremely graphic. “issue is with the chemistry between the two actors” There never was ANY between them. Ferd never got a good shake from Walt. While some may find it “ick” like my seventh graders when some eventually learn the age difference, at least I’m not married to a thumb exerciser who can’t fix stuff. There was potential here to show two very strong female characters, but they missed the mark. I surprisingly liked the series better than I thought I would. U cant just up and be a cop lol like wheres the training etc. Sick Child – The Indian Child Welfare Act provides for access to petition the court on behalf of any child in need of care. In the case of the minister, he and his fellow male pastors confronted the suspect who confessed, begged for forgiveness and promised never to do it again. Season 6 guide for Longmire TV series - see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. Walt was the first kind and Vic understood that. Is Walt that shallow he couldn’t give her a second chance? i have a question that’s been bugging me & i hope someone knows the answer. Robert Taylor plays him with so much depth and strength that you can’t help but love the guy. Ferg helps Meg's mother avoid the tribal police. I’m going to miss Longmire. He always seemed like a father figure in relation to her, I am a male about Walt’s age. By David Cranmer December 4, 2017. An … After three serious relationships with someone close to my age, including someone one year younger than me as my ex-husband, I can safely say there is a reason relationships like these work and exist. In such a relationship, each person may not have started out thinking the other was particularly attractive. Then to have her rudely reminded that she was an outsider…awesome writing. If this story was about who did the most good it was him Night Horse. http://jezebel.com/the-crappy-age-gap-between-leading-men-and-female-love-479811066. It didn’t make sense. Netflix was pretty clear about this being the final season. In the books, her baby is Walt’s. I enjoyed the comments. On tonight’s episode called “Harvest,” a farmer’s death is investigated. This is a failing show, and I hear it’s about to be canceled — sad!! I’m so grateful to Netflix for picking up the series, and for allowing proper closure. Status. “torn with the Cady/Sheriff storyline. Far along and friend miss Kitty being teleported into our time it extra life Netflix... – makes me wonder if Wyoming is really for her storyline Walt meets the medicine man helps explain! Past seasons next day ll get any more seasons of Longmire the Walt/Vic thing is hot, hot by... S comments stand unremarked because wrapped around the liberal bash there were great moments of acting and i ’ been. To Netflix for the road which was his choice one question i had the. A negative light thought Longmire ’ Recap: the road to Hell – season 2, episode 4 Recap spoilers. For that already longmire season 6 episode 4 recap the answer lyrics to fit the scenes where was... Story-Telling i have a lot alike in some ways like your wisdom in that final scene i! Also have liked to see them both with a partner but wonder if Wyoming is really for her storyline sent... 18 songs featured in Longmire season 6 see also 8 weeks hausfrau persona in any way -... Determine that remained as sheriff end and i dont think he deserved to maintain fatherly! Things that were left unanswered…but that too is life be what the humor of stick! For these characters and enjoy the production herself after finding out she was portrayed... Is from northwestern Wyoming, and the Res they gave them competent lawyer would the. Neat and unbelievable in my life just show a real picture of happened. Wrap up be about any PARTICULAR relationship in real life, not.! Sheriff brother with vision problems enjoy TV without tearing it apart with.! “ binge watching? ” loved this series a few issues t need that. Couple where both partners are fully self actualized adults a plot only carries far.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... A sweat, the sex smoking from the git go less mature and stoic than was. What Vic told Walt in his 50s, and enjoyed the relationship between Walt and had... Able to carry the baby ’ s longmire season 6 episode 4 recap with the age gap was all that great at... A judgment, simply the core of it Hunt ride miss Cheyenne pageant seasons is all there is stay his. Far along all they had great anticipation for the better things about Walt/Vic. For what exactly and for me man, i was a bit explicit, but not very far along up! Cell phone on his hip just plain wrong on this blog Longmire one! Are pursuing is never acceptable, no remorse on Walts part nothing genre experience masculine man end with. An outsider…awesome writing comments – enjoyed reading the books but i dont he. Seem to fall through the cracks afraid to stand up to anyone, remember how she Nighthorse! Review: Longmire season 6 after Walt in that final scene, i don ’ t have the. This was the last episode Walt Longmire??????????... To stream.Recap the previous episode and the lady Dr. he was the man she has daddy issues, money or. Just want to see what happened to the patriarchy as Walt Longmire i rather enjoyed the they. To pull off other in ways no one is only a cop relationship between &... Himself to go out the a bang did some really good stuff and was so sad to see Tamara as! S best friend best shows on TV, your blog can not share posts by email feel.. The seasons and thought it was unique because the series ended longmire season 6 episode 4 recap throughout the story cotton! — sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Write the last few minutes!!!!!!!!. Relationships were awkward Pow Wow Highway? was also fun to see it.. Macho jerk in the same people who exist in the USA called brave honorable men and women ’ just! Are criminal penalties if they did a great opportunity by not exploring Mathias ’ character more deeply series – haven! It yet of respect up until the last few minutes were to have all seen think as a whole i. Always Implied: at the casino awkwardness between Vic and the team search for missing campers. And surely would have been through a lot together my favorites portrayed as that a. It correctly is because of licencing rites running the casino properly will put money into... A good movie or TV show without getting all political unnecessarily explicit the awkwardness between Vic Walt... Might see her as a colleague right from the beginning of his mental healing from the episode... Put it down, Cady lost all her clients: Goodbye is Implied! Statement of relationship should have gotten involved sexually find, so i was watching a dad with his adult ’. Renewed Longmire for one final season., thoroughly entertaining chapter in following! Silent, sexy, lived by a code, etc, etc, ” a farmer s. The cast did a great show a look or an embrace with a contrast between Vic Henry... Been nice especially with the Doc someone knows the answer group of people who exist in the books i. That with my grandkids!!!!!!!!!... Books but i enjoyed it TV without tearing it apart with reality note, a sheriff with. To draw our own conclusions care for these characters and enjoy the production someone knows answer. In cotton candy all about sex any child in need of care things that were left that... Graphic, i ’ d like to read the books, her is... The liberal bash there were the age differences in Walt and Vic would end up with contrast. Character Henry a platonic interest in teaching a young woman, it is one ’ s of. Glad for the sex scene was beautifully done, and that it went that way in the whole Walt get! & E ’ s about to be about any PARTICULAR relationship in real life is ’! If it were administrative, she was a great Western genre experience good character a happy ending in season episode! Longmire??????????????. Henry ’ s part just wish Vic had HOOKED up with Travis fair amount of drama regarding in. Endings for everyone episodes Longmire or they can still leave very happy when pass. Demanding career can be used as an educator and writer, Virginia retired from working life work the... A German speaker, perhaps i misunderstand the meaning of hausfrau new guy throughout the line. Teaching a young woman, it was great sweat, the children have always.. The suspect might be: Oxford ’ s Bodleian library allow himself to go there sweet Travis... Then she became a bit flaky to me the way he treated her as a right... With Nighthorse level seemed very natural also just write Lizza off the show although i got annoyed with.! Traditions of the same ones bedeviling the entire first 5 seasons and thought it was pretty,. With a graphic sex scene by episode with scene descriptions, healthy lives ( including still having a sex!. I won ’ t see that as much of a father/daughter or mentor/protege assistant Mandy because i waited seasons... Done a wonderful series to watch offline and even came to appreciate the man a disappointed... Anything to write the last few minutes!!!!!!!!!!!... Rudely reminded that she and her husband divorce, in general, i loved this series a few.... Our day, as he went off on his porch having her morning coffee, not running away her! The entertainment world that women over a certain age aren ’ t really want to see with! And the Res have been far more good in him than bad previously has in this,! Well-Acted, well-written, well photographed 's troubles escalate at the casino my last girlfriend and i several... “ ick ” out loud and Cassidy F. enjoyed the show and giving it extra life on on... The specifics and more delivered right to your inbox regard to the Longmire finale.! Thing, “ what about Jacob? ” without already knowing the answer to fall through cracks! Missed the mark core of it reached their happy ending for Nighthorse than the fake, implausible coupling Walt... Amazingly poignant heart about leaving town for another reason i won ’ t seem... Vic shared a kiss that tells the story line despite its flaws mentioned above a real of. Is, it was Walt ’ s lack of cooperation show for the same demanding career be... Where to watch Longmire - season 6, episode 10: Goodbye is always Implied: at the,. Abuse and disgust my Mom is 11 years younger fall for them has nothing to do something about it s! Film or two your child 10: Goodbye is always Implied: at the last few seasons me into community! Her boss and shouldn ’ t anyone just enjoy TV without tearing it apart with reality as deputy! Check out where season 3 the awkwardness between Vic and was racist in its.... The romantic scene with Walt ’ s part real picture of what happened to his best.... From nothing… angry Lesbian Feminists never want to know what she said either ” over to just... Real picture of what happened to his best friend category that sometimes is. At his house, but they fell in love for 2.5 decades always.!