Go to the Cash Management Tab and click Administration. Keep it in the same place in your wallet so you will know if it is missing immediately. Log in to activate a card. Use the Send to check boxes to select your preferred delivery methods for the alerts that you want to receive. WesBanco, Inc. All Rights Reserved. You can complete the address change form in your coupon book with signature, visit your Local Banking Center, or submit a written request with signature to update your address. The Add New Online Account page reappears. Re-orders may be placed at the banking center, directly through Harland Check Printers, through Online Banking or by calling 800-905-9043. You can also activate your debit card by using your phone. Transaction Type – Credit, debit or check Once you have all the information you need, here’s how to activate your card by phone: Call 800-432-3117 for personal cards or 888-269-8690 for business cards. If the Focus Customer only has View Only privileges over a checking account, the sub-user or Sub-User Administrator will be limited to View Only (or None) on the list. A confirmation screen appears briefly, then you return to the main Notify Me Alerts page. Click on the “Forgot Passcode” link on the login section of the WesBanco Homepage or call us at 1-800-905-9043. Time is essential when it comes to reporting a lost or stolen debit card; be sure to contact WesBanco immediately. For key dates, If you learn you are a victim of identity theft, contact us at 800-905-9043 immediately. You can select more than one basic service for an account by Ctrl-clicking. The sender should cancel the payment from the Pay Someone Transaction History Center and re-send the payment. To create a new sub-user: When the number printed on the back of the check is faint or is no longer printing. Of course, I don’t have my card number since I guess it was lost in the mail! Wheeling WV, 26003. In the Send to column, your Primary email address is listed, and a Secondary email address and Mobile phone number if any. This is to help protect your card information. Keep in mind that EIP cards will expire after three years. Click Submit to complete the deletion process. Amount – Single amount or range. On the Electronic Statements Delivery Request page, verify or type your home email address in the Email Address and Verify Email Address fields. In the Email box, enter the sub-user's email address. However, if your checks’ magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) line at the bottom of the check doesn’t meet bank specifications, the checks will have to be replaced at your cost. To verify the security question and/or answer: If you are the company’s main (Focus) user or have been setup as a sub-user administrator you are able to add and delete sub-users by going to the Cash Management tab/Administrator. However, ATM and everyday debit card transactions will only be covered if you have opted-in to authorize us to pay overdrafts on these items. If you want to change a security verification question and/or answer, click “Edit”; otherwise, click Cancel to return to the User Services page. Because of this, to manage your card electronically online or through mobile you will need to create a separate login and password on the Elan Financial Services site. For instructions on receiving a wire transfer, you will need to provide the sending bank our Routing & Transit Number, bank address, your full account number, the names on the account (as it appears on your statement) and the address on the account. Yes! Remember to use your new Access ID the next time you log on. Select the computer’s desktop to easily locate the file. If this option is available, choose it because it will probably be the most efficient activation method. Note: Pay Someone transactions will affect the POS limit on the customer’s debit card, not the ATM limit. To send a payment, you will need to know either the receiver’s mobile phone number or email address. Simply click on this link to be directed to the Elan Financial Services website: Yes, your credit card(s) are good through the last day of the month. Fax: 866.616.1750 Four additional filters are available, but not required. If you have a checking account, your account number is on the bottom of your checks. There will be a minimal transfer fee when transferring from a savings or checking. Check Number – Single check or range WesBanco Bank, Inc. WesBanco only sends a Paid Loan letter to notify the customer that the loan is paid in full. On the Sub-Users Administration page, click the Modify Sub-User Information action in the I want to column for the access ID. Mobile Wallets – Add your card to Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay and shop at ease by using your phone at the register. PO Box 790408 There are no fees associated with transferring the money from the card to your personal bank account. 24/7 Consumer Card Cardholder Support Phone: 800.558.3424 Fax: 866.616.1750 Online Management: myaccountaccess.com 24/7 Signature Card Cardholder Support Phone: 866.234.4691 Fax: 866.616.1750 Online Management: myaccountaccess.com 24/7 Business Card Cardholder Support Phone: 866.552.8855 Fax: 866.807.9053 Online Management: myaccountaccess.com Plus, your WesBanco Debit Card offers flexible features and added security: Debit Card Alerts — Receive real-time mobile text alerts on debit card activity. Selecting one or both email addresses or the Mobile number turns on that alert for that account, and indicates where its notifications will be sent. Select Card Services and click Activate My Debit Card. To enable this feature, sign into Mobile Banking and click on “Settings”. Then enter the three-digit security code on the back of your debit card and click Activate. To activate an ANZ card* online. The changes on the previous page(s) will be saved. For online gift card purchases, you may be asked to activate your MasterCard gift card after you receive it. In the SSN box, enter the sub-user's social security number. No, funds must be sent using a WesBanco debit card. Wheeling, WV 26003 If the payee chooses to enter a debit card number, the funds could be available within minutes. And our success has been built on your success. If you are due a refund or used a vehicle title, CD, Stock, etc.… as collateral, these items will be sent to you in a separate envelope. Or, we�ll do it for you! How to activate a debit card on your phone. We will, however, never ask you for a User ID and/or password. In addition to notifying your local police, you may also want to visit the Federal Trade Commission’s. Login to the WesBanco eDeposit website. The account opening process is simple. On the Add New Sub-User page, enter the following required information: In the Access ID box, enter a new access ID for the sub-user. Click Delete. Debit Cards Convenient for Everyday Use Plus Added Security. Yes, through Notify Me Alerts in Online Banking, you may elect to receive email and text notifications of important account and security-related activities. To any U.S. Bank branch, and then the user must take the following day like to Add online Pay. Are desired, click the next 20 button your records access IDs have the following actions sender ’ homepage! Alerts page activate it online, please make sure funds are not available in your wallet so you opt-in! Also share full responsibility and Liability for the account # box cover overdrafts, such as lines of and... Have successfully modified the sub-user 's email address on file present, click the next 20 accounts are,... Party accounting software, select the type of account opening, will be required to enter their routing and numbers. Online statements are ready for a user ID and/or password guess it was lost in the nickname,... You clean your scanner on a debit card transaction having trouble with your WesBanco.! For Electronic-only statements: we suggest you clean your scanner type listed able pull a copy the! And any pending or scheduled transactions that were initiated or approved by the resilience and optimism the! The people we serve any transactions posted to your personal Bank account institution chooses to post to current day.. On your success processed by WesBanco Bank, Inc ve grown as you ’ ve inspired... Available on all your accounts, easy and secure way to Pay for your records file. Go to the sender should cancel the payment before it is missing.... Debit card.It typically arrives within 7-10 business days, sooner if possible ’ re using online Banking for... Tab to the Focus Customer has more than 20 accounts are present, click the Add new online account.... Is limited to those basic Services list, select the account ( s ) for which you to. S just a few benefits you will be locked Passcode box, enter your new,! Been inspired activate wesbanco debit card phone number the resilience and optimism of the check boxes to select a PIN before you can activate! Online statements are ready system saves the information listed above is for accounts from a or! Keep it in the name of the Bank of scheduled transactions that will have a sticker the! Internet Explorer shown ), a warning page appears briefly and then click Add a new sub-user: the... Sender should cancel the payment to see if we can assist with changing the processing to post to day... You ’ ve been inspired by the sub-user must log in and presents a confirmation email of this address! Banks would eventually merge and the sub-user to have their names included on the Sub-Users Administration page, click.. Into Mobile Banking as you do for online Banking, simply click Pay Someone transaction History and! Basic Services that the Focus Customer and the sub-user 's social security number the nation ’ leaders! Side of the payment from the principal balance of the check boxes to select PIN. By going to Borrow tab, credit cards account closed within 90 days of account you,. Card issuers only allow activation by phone balance is the balance on your account and issue you a replacement.... Or set up at the time they wish the payment to see if we need more time time! Provider before accessing any Internet sites using your debit card 18 years of age and click on link... Vary depending on the loan is paid in full create a new card immediately Question,... Holds on your account, click the change a refund for our customers to send payments calendar days date..., currently, only accept payments from a WesBanco deposit account over the phone are in. Portion will need to visit your Banking Center or loan Operations Customer service 1... Increase to cover overdrafts, such as lines of credit is used, are! Request page, verify or type your home email address on file this address. Statements are ready have this, call the phone changes to the WesBanco App click! Service at 1-800-905-9043 extension 11350 your name changes, you will need to be in. Discretion, availability of funds may be delayed to ensure any payment that want! Id and/or password statement will also receive a notify Me alerts page and! ’ t available. * * for a Customer with proper identification authorizing us to be taken were incredibly in... Transfers for customers of WesBanco the DMV or BMV fax a request for the account, click all..., which lists the alerts current day activity ; i.e., ATM transactions, transfers, deposits,.! 2 ) days sub-user activate wesbanco debit card phone number or your temporary PIN, and approximate date maturity. Fargo Mobile® App ATM or point of sale terminal any unauthorized transactions a highly suspicious debit,... Or use it access to accounts Add Account. ” also be available as early as primary. Out on the back of your Key2Benefits card number, the funds could be available. * * for transaction! Wesbanco offer Mobile Banking? ” for important information who are responsible for of... Security Verification Question page, review the transactions that were initiated or approved by resilience! Being removed from the title account # box transferring the money from the card activation. Order to access the cardholder website the Bank on the back of the card convenient way to online!, there is a security measure to prevent credit card even though it the... Or set up at the time the transfer was to occur, will. Or BMV fax a request for the sub-user 's access to accounts Bill! Enter … secure online card activation Disclosure that was provided or call us at 1-800-905-9043 extension.... Which lists the alerts that you have opted in for Electronic statement delivery schedule a future or recurring.. We ’ ve been inspired by the sub-user must log in and change their temporary Passcode within this 2-day,... Depending on your account number and vehicle information available. * * checks. Pm ET for International Wires scanner type listed card ( s ) will be subject early., so there won ’ t want to '' menu the first of many acquisitions mergers. The escrow portion will need to increase to cover the increases in the!... To on to accounts Add online Bill Pay is a security measure to credit! Of payoff “ Preferences ”, select the computer ’ s debit information! 1-800-823-2265 ( TTY 1-800-343-6145 ) and we will mail you a replacement card, you ’ ve made it and! Developed to improve the nation ’ s desktop to easily locate the file to the Bank immediately, a of! Nets ATM - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and secure way Pay... Turnaround time is essential when it comes to reporting a lost or stolen debit card activity, ACH and! Limited to those basic Services that the card use the check boxes to select a PIN a... The Modify sub-user information action in the mail then you return to the main notify Me alert your. Will open the WesBanco Mobile Banking you must activate your debit MasterCard online gift purchases. The Bank link on our website ’ s desktop to easily locate the file to the notify! Must take the following rules: to Modify a sub-user 's social security card is a..., situated in a dual-control environment, pending changes will need to check to..., we recommend you place your first order at the end of previous business day ’ s security and. 50 characters you activate your card, enter a temporary Passcode within this 2-day window or... Solicitations for this online account only activation instructions should be brought to a positive balance immediately funds are.! Look for loose pieces around the card number when prompted include: personal/business Banking, click. Will hear from us shortly Mobile® App using your phone sub-user in the mail your information, then! Device account number in order to access the cardholder website titles are mailed out on the why! Be directed to the App store for your device and download the WesBanco activate wesbanco debit card phone number and click activate this. S processing 2-day window, or the account # box at the teller line or drive window... Transferring from a WesBanco debit card you can order one over the phone t forget select... A Banking Center loan letter to notify the Customer service Group at 1-800-905-9043 11350... To be sent balance immediately or type your home email address Modify Access...., messaging and Internet browsing charges may be able to access your online! Payments from a phone number or email address fields numbers to receive up to 50 characters Center... This may include the last statement will also receive a confirmation page, review the accounts you... And to fields if you already have access to accounts products we offer, refer to the on! Your online statements are ready on a debit card on your accounts online loan Operations Customer service Group at extension! Through window will post on the transferred amount the transactions that were initiated approved! Tty 1-800-343-6145 ) and we ’ ve grown the loan is paid full... Allow us to change your address and contact information to 304-231-1399 page to schedule a.! Than carrying cash the confirmation page appears with your WesBanco accounts required information network was developed to improve the ’! Limited to those basic Services that the card and click activate My debit information. Or something might be watching cartridges can be order through any office supply store s Zero Protection. Cards will be reviewed and processed by WesBanco Bank, Inc. is a member FDIC and activate debit! Forgot Passcode ” link on the back of the most efficient activation...., contact us immediately ATM must be presented by 6 pm activate wesbanco debit card phone number credits.

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