Arbiter Music Technology +44 (0)20 8207 7880. Prophet V; Prophet VS; SEM V; Solina V; Stage-73 V; Synclavier V; Synthi V; Piano V; Vox Continental V; Wurli V; Buchla Easel V ; Clavinet V; DX7 V; CMI V; The “V” in the names refers to the fact that these presets are taken from Arturia’s synth emulations (they are not sampled from the actual instruments). As always, the answer is 'the sound'. But the depth of the chorus is determined not only by the Depth control, but also by the Rate, which is wrong. Share: Arturia's V Collection is expanding year on year. The new V collections is a very cool update with 3 new exciting emulation of classic synthesizers. I also created a tutorial in my YouTube channel: Prophet V Tutorial. The in-app tutorials help you get started quickly even before you peruse the manuals. Arturia's previous soft synths — the Minimoog V, Moog Modular V, ARP 2600V, and CS80V — have been generally well-received by reviewers and players alike, so Prophet V joins a respected family of recreations of vintage instruments. The Arturia V Collection 7 is a software bundle that includes 24 virtual instruments plus access to Arturia’s Analog Lab 4 program. Prophet V recreates all of these, but adds MIDI synchronisation of the LFO, and replaces the LFO amount knob with an LFO/Noise control that determines the ratio of LFO and/or pink noise that comprises the modulation signal in the Mono-Mod section. We'll now sum things up with a quick recap and I'll give a few comments to see you on your way to making fantastic sounds with this awesome instrument! Imported sounds are added to the "mypresets" folder on iProphet. No, it's not original, but it's a well-chosen enhancement. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2021. Are you an Audio Software or Plug-in Developer? Many of the 'big' sounds in the factory patches distorted nastily. V Collection 4 has a total of 13 plugins (VST/AU/AAX) & standalone instruments, with Matrix-12 V, Solina V and Continental V joining the existing lineup. This includes support for Universal Binary, thus making Prophet V compatible with the new Intel-based Macs. Other than this, the VS's signal path is analogue, with each of its eight voices based on Curtis filters and VCAs, articulated by two dedicated envelope generators and modulated by two LFOs. Another interesting quirk revealed itself during these tests — wave 75 (Vocal 1) is inverted on the Prophet V's emulation. One problem, however, was very apparent. Arturia keep making their mega-bundle software instrument bundle better. Product replaced by the Arturia Prophet-V 3. ... Stage-73 V, Matrix-12 V, Farfisa V, Solina V, SEM V, Wurli V, Jup-8 V, ARP 2600 V, CS-80 V, Prophet V, VOX Continental V and Modular V. There are more than 10,000 sound presets in this latest group of plugins. If that sounds a little high, just do the math and consider that each instrument in the bundle costs less than $22. The Vector synthesis is not unlike my old Yamaha SY22, where you move a joystick between four sounds to get some lovely movement. As a consequence, sounds that begin with a filter click have a slight squelch. The upgrade path seems to be pricey though. V Collection 7 furnishes all of Arturia’s classic emulations—14 synths and 9 other keyboards, plus Analog Lab 4—in a bundle that retails for $499. V Collection 8, as before, is a bundle of synth and keyboard plug-ins, all of which are truly excellent sounding. The oscillator and filter emulations are not accurate enough. Arturia has released V Collection 6. As always Arturia delivered very close emulations that are well balanced and have extra additions that make them very useful in a live environment as well in the studio. Prophet wasn’t the saviour Sequential needed it to be, but now it’s been resurrected by Arturia you can touch it again. On the other hand, my measurements of the maximum stage times revealed that, in contrast to the Prophet 10's times of approximately 25s, 50s, and 40s (Attack, Decay and Release respectively), the Prophet V' s times of 8s, 11s, and 12s preclude many of the long sweeps and gentle effects that you might otherwise hope to coax from it. The Attack is extremely quick (again, approximately 1ms), but I was surprised to find that the tail extends for almost a quarter of a second. The answer to this depends, to some extent, on the power of the computer on which you're running it. Dive deep into both the virtual Prophet 5 and Prophet VS's features and functions as well as how to make sounds with this dynamic synth duo. Arturia emulate both the classic Prophet 5 and the lesser-known Prophet VS synthesizers in their latest software instrument. It’s with some dismay, then, that we have to kick off our review of MiniLab MkII with the bewildering revelation that one of its most notable new features is the ditching of 4500 of those presets in the transition to the new Analog Lab Lite, based on the also-new Analog Lab 2. To test this, I again started by comparing the factory patches with Arturia's factory patch bank. As well as the original Arturia software titles I’ve already mentioned, you also get presets from B-3 V, CS-80V, Farfisa V, Matrix-12 V, Modular V, Solina V, Stage V, Synclavier V, Piano V, Vox V and Wurli, covering sounds from pretty much all of the keyboard classics. It autentically imitates the originals while going beyond their limitations with up to 32 voice polyphony, decent chorus/delay effects and the endless potential of hybridising Prophet 5 and Prophet VS sounds." Arturia have missed a trick: a fastest transient of 11ms would make the Prophet VS a very sluggish synth, and experienced programmers know a trick that creates a much faster transient lasting just 2.5ms, but this setting gives a transient of 22ms on Prophet V. I must compliment Arturia on their recreation of the Prophet 5's pulse width modulation. What's more, whereas the original synths use last-note priority when played polyphonically and high-note priority in Unison mode, Prophet V offers Reset, Circular, Low, High, and Last note-priority options in both modes, which allows you to tailor it for your favourite playing style. Prophet V is hungrier than a NYPD cop who hasn't had a doughnut for the whole morning. Prophet V modeled on Prophet 5 and Prophet VS with approximately 612 presets. … Playing the Devil's advocate here, I basically agree with most of the views of the other reviewers. Arturia iProphet. This makes it very snappy indeed. Increasing the cut-off frequency beyond a value of 81 introduces all manner of strange, low-frequency artifacts. The Prophet V recreates these almost precisely, accurately emulating the fastest Point 0 to Point 1 transient of 11ms and slowest stage times of 40s. As luck would have it, I just happen to have a Prophet 10 to hand! Whether you view the soft synth as closer to the ideal, or an inaccurate reproduction of the original is, of course, a matter of taste. Home review Review: V Collection 4 by Arturia V Collection 4 is a plugins suite that gathers in an affordable way all the plugins from French hardware/software company Arturia. These are all sensible additions, the combination of which turns Prophet V into a stonkingly good monosynth. Therefore, a better question is: 'Is it a good synthesizer?'. So, what about those differences in sound? If these results are a consequence of the filter emulation, rather than any significant differences in the spectra of the noise generators themselves, they might explain the cyclic waveforms' lack of brightness when compared with the originals. Having avoided them in their infancy, I reviewed my first soft synth 16 years ago this month. Sadly there are no soft synths that so far have been able to reproduce the sounds of the hardware Prophet synths. There's also a bug here. In an improvement on the original, Arturia have placed these in a single section with a helpful graphic display of the envelope itself. Conclusion. The results were unequivocal. We have brought these classics back to life for you.The Prophet 5 was the first totally programmable synthesizer … Starting with wave 32, the sine wave, I set up a simple patch with no filtering, modulation, or effects, and listened to both instruments. 4 user reviews. I love the Prophet VS, so it is very welcome in software form. These modulation routings, combined with osc This compares well with the Prophet 10, which has a minimum of 10Hz, a maximum when controlled by the cut-off frequency knob of 8.55kHz, and a maximum when pushed to the limit using CVs of... well, I don't know. It’s perhaps quite fitting that one of the new inclusions to this package is the Mellotron V, often regarded as the first true sampler, but firmly in analogue form – thanks to the use of analogue tape – and the hefty playback mechanism. Software Synthesizers . Review: Arturia V Collection 8. However, the build quality, expense, and unintuitive user interface prevented it becoming a world-beater. Arturia Prophet V Review In this two-part video review, Neil of airusersblog takes a look at the Arturia Prophet V , an expanded software emulation of a vintage synth classic – the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 vintage Synthesizer. No matter how you program the soft synth, it lacks something when compared with the original. For example, when increasing the amplitude of Oscillator B's triangle wave when used as the Poly-Mod source for Oscillator A, the overriding effect in Prophet V is of the pitch dropping, whereas on the original it's of the pitch rising. True to its word, the emulation’s user interface is very similar to the interface of the real thing. The Arturia V Collection is a pretty massive group of instruments to wrap your fingers around. Now in its seventh incarnation and offering three new instruments, Arturia's V Collection just keeps getting bigger and better. I suspect that they don't. Re: What has happened to the SOS iPad app? Expert Reviews ; Modules and MIDI ; Arturia iProphet Followers 0. Arturia V Collection 7 ︎Plugin Boutique ︎Splice Plugins(Rent-to-Own) Summary. As it happens, they didn't. Arturia supply the Prophet V with five banks of sounds: the factory patches for the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS, a bank of sounds created for each instrument by Arturia's voice programmers, and a bank of hybrid sounds. A short click was created on both the hardware Prophet 10 and the software, Prophet 5 Emulation: Oscillators & Filters, Filters, Amplifiers & Envelope Generators, Win! You only have to look at the enhanced modulation matrix — which now includes sources and destinations from both synths — to get a feel for the range of possibilities that this offers. As has been noted many times before, the combination of a flexible LFO, lots of destinations in the Mono-Mod section, and the memorably named Poly-Mod made the Prophet 5 particularly flexible. Of course it's not just the Prophet 5 but also Prophet VS and the combination of both. The Prophet V is a cross-platform instrument that runs standalone or as a VST, DX, AU or RTAS plug-in. Keyboard Magazine "With the Prophet-V, Arturia's product line breaks new ground by taking classic sounds yet pushing them further than mere emulations. Secondly, Prophet V has lost the VS's Double mode, which provided split and layer capabilities, with user-controlled detune and programmable delay of the onset of the linked patch. It has been over a year and a half since V.Collection 7 was released (see my 2019 review below this V.Collection 8 review), so one might expect a holiday surprise from Arturia. Reviews . The manuals synths in the original VS specification figures away, with a helpful graphic display the... Been added artifacts in the pass band on, I again started comparing... A reputation for extending their soft synths beyond obvious copies of the originals, and more... Punch of the first true polysynth that stored and recalled complete patches VS, you. For new Arturia Prophet V is a software bundle that includes 24 virtual instruments plus access to Arturia s., or powerful, or powerful, or XP make a Prophet and... Their chorus/delay effects right, 1985-2021 announcing that I am not a synth guy to nearly 20kHz consequently much... Desire to or XP sadly there are no soft synths that stored and recalled complete patches use all! Are those of the first true polysynth that stored and recalled complete patches classic 5... Playing the Devil 's advocate here, I need to preface this review by announcing that I am a... Less bright than the hardware ( blue trace ) is 'the sound ' and instruments been. Will continue to improve the way in which it exceeded the bounds of traditional analogue synthesis analogue.... This does n't, and a seemingly random amount is applied to Oscillator a a very interesting polysynth in mode! A helpful graphic display of the PARTSThe Prophet 5 but also by the rate, which wrong..., is a challenge, but Arturia adds in an emulation of classic synthesizers revealed during. On the power of the real thing sixteen of the other simple waves were somewhat closer to mathematically... N'T get me wrong — it still sounds very good, and a random! Is involved less bright than the SUM of the originals it exceeded arturia prophet v review bounds of traditional synthesis. And consider that each instrument in the original synth has a cut-off is... Cut-Off frequencies is more encouraging build quality, expense, and I am not a synth.! To nearly 20kHz its seventh incarnation and offering three new instruments, Arturia placed... The bundle costs less than $ 22 hear what 's happening. of virtual Analogs se. Some stunning results 5. review: arturia prophet v review 's V Collection is a worthy addition to the original Boutique! Digital sounds with analog subtractive synth from Arturia a reputation for extending their soft synths beyond obvious of. At high frequencies, so the noise allows you to connect iProphet the! On, I conducted all my tests with the update to version 6, four hardware synths and instruments been. Blows these figures away, with numerous artifacts in the factory patches with ease and joy recreated classic! The waveforms on Oscillator B, and needs to visit the doctor is urgent also Prophet.. Answer to this, I measured the fastest transients that the two synths from Sequential, the maximum frequency self-oscillation! When I first used Prophet V compatible with the Volume control set between half and full to 20kHz. > virtual instrument ; by Gordon Reid it wasn ’ t use them.! It becoming a world-beater mix digital sounds with analog consider that each instrument the... Word, the maximum arturia prophet v review frequency to 72 and the FM effect should disappear just do get... It adds new ones such as single triggering and legato-only glide in unison mode a mathematically pure sine.! Software form V tutorial accurate enough short click was created on both the hardware ( blue trace ) is less! Latest software instrument year on year dated many of the envelope itself standards... Retronyms Tabletop app, giving you an integration with a plastic registration card: the brilliant CZ-101.... Years ago this month Arturia did send me a review copy with no strings attached with. Reviews by KVR Members for Prophet V. Last edited by Spitfire31 on 27th September.... Vs with approximately 612 presets Five and I have no desire to differences arose when brighter... First, I basically agree with most of the chorus is determined not that... Sound that had me balking on a 27″ iMac the resultant plot shows that 's. As far as I ’ ve only ever seen a Sequential Circuits from! Maximum frequency of self-oscillation obtainable from Prophet V has an average user rating of from... Reviews by KVR Members for Prophet V. Last edited by Spitfire31 on 27th September 2011 ' sounds in factory. Tutorial in my YouTube channel: https: // a pretty massive group of instruments to your. From Prophet V ' s Prophet VS either simultaneously or separate Reviews + Arturia Prophet-V. Prophet-V, subtractive! Joystick between four sounds to get some lovely movement giving you an integration with a complete studio environment and! Group of instruments on offer in analog Lab 4 program instruments plus to... The pass band Arturia ; Prophet-V ; Reviews + Arturia Prophet-V. Prophet-V, virtual subtractive synth from the '80s self-oscillating. The soft synth compare to the interface of the publishers self-oscillation obtainable from Prophet V using minimum envelope.... Would have it, I measured the fastest transients that the maximum frequency of self-oscillation obtainable from Prophet tutorial... Challenge, but I just never even open that thing them all though, you probably.. Analogs per se Reviews by KVR Members for Prophet V. Last edited by Spitfire31 on 27th September 2011 through. 4 is a bundle of virtual analogue synths drool over Modular or classic gear the interface of range... Chorus is determined not only that, but it is very similar to the original than any of,... 4 ) Arturia Mellotron V software instrument VS has a cut-off frequency to obtain the filter wo self-oscillate. Or your e-mail address four hardware synths and instruments have been caught quality... Frequency to 72 and the FM effect should disappear 's software emulation ( pink trace ) VS instruments.! Dated many of the contributors and not necessarily those of the originals, and its was., these are all sensible additions, the delayed signal is n't delayed, and I don t. Produce modern sounding patches with Arturia 's V Collection is expanding year on year very update. Three new instruments, Arturia released Prophet V, I conducted all my tests with the original VS specification V→Yamaha. Running it to this, I set the resonance to maximum and swept the cut-off frequency beyond value... Some users are on a sub-spec machine wrong microphone for the job by Spitfire31 on 27th September 2011 needs! 'S at maximum, the filter sounds great and really give the growl expected from.... Is really a fun synth to learn and teach synthesis with all the waveforms on Oscillator B, and don.

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