It depends on how the DUI was charged. Tel: 0039 06 36307627; 0039 06 36304630 People born when both parents were citizens at the time of birth, regardless of whether they were born in Croatia or abroad, People born abroad and adopted by two Croatian parents. You mean the applications have been denied by the embassy? I wanted to add, My Grandfather was born and grew up in Croatia. October 6, 2020 @ The only difference is that you won’t have to take the test. Thank you so much! Once he has citizenship, then your children should be able to apply since their father has citizenship. Yes, both you and your son qualify for citizenship. 2:59 pm, You’re welcome Veronika! 3:55 pm. Thanks! Both my parents were Croatian when I was born in the USA. 8:57 am. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Joshua Cvrk Expat in Croatia 12:27 pm. 1:06 pm. Will this suffice? COVID is creating an added delay. She is hesitant because she doesn’t want to waste a ton of her time, but she is also passionate about reconnecting with many more members of our family that are still in Slovenia and Croatia. Valeria Possibly. You will qualify for citizenship after living in Croatia for 5 continuous years with temporary residency AFTER you gain permanent residency. In 1964 they emigrated to Canada and had a family. February 10, 2020 @ Recipient: Državni proračun Republike Hrvatske, Account number: HR1210010051863000160; Reference number: HR64-5002-713. The burden of proof of the bloodline falls on you, so you must be prepared to dig around some pretty ancient archives to get your Croatian citizenship. 5:08 pm. This document is called “domovnica”. December 2, 2019 @ February 19, 2020 @ My father was born in ex. 1:21 pm. Unlike in other countries that offer citizenship by descent, people applying for Croatian citizenship can apply directly through the ‘relevant’ Croatian ancestor and the ancestors in-between don’t need to obtain citizenship first. The primary requirements are permanent residence and that they respect the legal order and customs in the Republic of Croatia. The excerpt from the law on citizenship regarding being a member of the Croatian people is as follows: Pripadnik hrvatskog naroda koji nema prebivalište u Republici Hrvatskoj, može steći hrvatsko državljanstvo ako udovoljava pretpostavkama iz članka 8. stavka 1. točke 5. ovoga Zakona. Where can I find the new rule that states that effective Jan 1, 2020 that the test is no longer required by origin? Applicants must answer correctly at least 10 out of 15 randomly picked questions for the test; some questions are of multiple choice answer type. It is definitely feasible for your husband to get citizenship. *About my citizenship I meant I already have 2 citizenship, one by birth which is Venezuela and the second one was when my father registered me at the consulate of Ecuador when I was born as well. Andrew Because of this, will it take longer for them to get their respective citizenships ( I received mine in 8 months). Yes, you can apply at the Croatian embassy in Oslo. Mirjana Ramesa 6:04 pm. 12:21 pm, You will first need to apply for citizenship, following the instructions in this post. I thought I had heard about a legislation trying to be passed about giving more rights to people who identify as Croatian but live in different countries. Lastly, I’m not sure if you know the answer to this but if I do not speak with my parents anymore am I still able to request their documents like birth certificate, passport etc…without their permission? Birth certificate for instance. Thanks for your reply. November 2, 2019 @ They were all stalled when going to a consulate. 2:09 am. You can expect the process to take at least two years. I have a question please, I applied for the Croatian citizenship through marriage and my wife obtained her citizenship through Article 11 given that her grandfather was born and raised in Croatia. Could she gain citizenship through my partner if he gains it before her 21st birthday? 5:51 pm. I’ve travelled to Croatia as a teenager with my parents but on what was a then Yugoslav passport as that was prior to Croatian independence in the 70’s. First of all, the great news is that new Croatian citizens by descent don’t have to renounce their existing citizenship. Sign me up for the once-per-week newsletter! 3:38 pm. Your email address will not be published. August 10, 2020 @ First of all I would like to say thank you for the service you’re providing hearing for the content of your blog; it’s very informative. 1:51 pm. 11:23 am. 10:07 pm, Interestingly I was told by the Ministry of the Interior that the new Article 11 doesn’t apply to children of Croats who left Croatia for another European country. I have a question if my two children and/or my husband can get citizenship and which method (origin, naturalization, etc.). Via Luigi Bodio 74-76, 00191 Roma, Italia Wondered if you might be abler to help. There is no need to create artificial barriers to obtaining citizenship by heritage. If I can help further, please let me know. I just got all my paperwork together to apply for my citizenship, but I noticed your note that said as of 2020 non-residents can no longer apply within Croatia. BTW my wife and I spend our vacations there almost every year. The problem is that when my great grandparents emigrated to Chile, their names were “translated” or changed into Spanish names. Alexander Zidar 4:16 pm. Freddy S Electronic credentials issued in branches of the Financial Agency are: ePass username and password – you can ask for one at the appropriate desks in branches of the Financial Agency (FINA) You’re good. Croatia only cares about criminal acts, like felonies or worse. Michaela Salek All birth certificates apostled, fingerprinted and criminal record, personal ID and “CV” A completed application – one of these depending on your scenario: Zahtjev za stjecanje hrvatskog državljanstva prirođenjem punoljetne osobe – form OBRAZAC 1, Zahtjev za stjecanje hrvatskog državljanstva prirođenjem punoljetne osobe i djeteta/djece – form OBRAZAC 2, Zahtjev za stjecanje hrvatskog državljanstva prirođenjem djeteta/djece – form OBRAZAC 3, Your biography with supporting documentation – include the reasons for applying (written in the Croatian language), Your birth certificate (original, apostilled, translated and notarized if it is a foreign birth certificate) – if you are born in Croatia, birth certificate isn’t required, Proof of nationality (such as a verified copy of a passport or an ID card, or domovnica equivalent), Background check issued by your country of nationality proving you have not been criminally prosecuted. We will be doing a post about how to construct your CV bio in the near future, so stay tuned for that. August 7, 2019 @ Your claim determines which documents and information you must provide as part of your application. Glad you’re here. (Without residency). If you’d like a referral, please contact me. Steve All you have to do is deposit 30,000 Euros in a Cypriot bank and buy a new home/apartment worth 300,000 Euros or more and they put you to the front of the line for a permanent resident card. After this, you are entered into the Register of Citizens at the competent registrar’s office. STEP 2: Get all necessary documents! My grandfather was born in Croatia and I still have Uncles, Aunts and Cousins living in Croatia but my Father and Mother were born in Australia. I am a Turkish citizen married to a Croatian guy, i applied for the citizenship 2018 September and i am still waiting for it. While our attorneys cannot file applications on behalf of those abroad, they can: Having a lawyer prepare and review your application will increase your chances of approval on the first try. June 24, 2019 @ Croatian citizenship is an elusive golden goose reserved predominantly for those with Croatian heritage, those who married into heritage and those who have invested a substantial amount of time living in the country. I want to apply for the Croatian citizenship since my great grandfather and my mother have it. hope arnold What are the odds? He will need to gain his citizenship before any of his descendants can apply. Would it be possible to do this at the Croatian embassy in Oslo, Norway or would it be better for me to wait until the next time I am in Croatia? We make what looks like an expensive and difficult option, affordable and complex free. September 5, 2019 @ I assume you are applying for citizenship based on heritage, in which case you are exempt from taking the language/cultural tests from January 1, 2020. October 22, 2019 @ January 10, 2021 @ Expat in Croatia Also, he said it will be faster approval process. I recommend contacting the embassy in France and explaining your situation. October 8, 2019 @ March 4, 2020 @ Expat in Croatia Would your professional services accelerate the process? “No. Thank you very much for your website ! I don’t suppose there’s anything I could do to expedite the process while I’m over in Europe? 1:47 pm. Expat in Croatia And I know his Croatian name and his birth dates. Expat in Croatia June 13, 2019 @ 9:41 am. What documents are needed for “proof of nationality”? 3:30 pm. When torpedoed he lost all his documents. Documents that prove the lineage. It can take years to process, but it’s easy to see why. There is no longer a language requirement to apply for citizenship if you are applying based on lineage, which you would be doing. I am asking these questions since in a few weeks I will go to the consulate to apply and planning to spend my christmas break studying. 1:40 pm. His mothers sisters moved to Germany. Expat in Croatia Also, you don’t need to get a background check from your state. People can apply for citizenship based on ancestors in a straight line. 8:28 am, Yes, your son qualifies for citizenship as well. He/she could have absolutely no relation to the country of Croatia but still end up with a Croatian passport – how handy is that? September 2, 2019 @ Do you think this will help? 10:07 am. I understand that I won’t be able to apply for Croatian citizenship for my non-Croatian wife until I receive mine. I would go ahead and get started if you can. I would like to know at least in which stage is my process but as you know i can not get any information. I have Croatian citizenship, he does not. If you do not have this chipped ID, then you can renew it at the closest Croatian embassy or consulate. 1:09 pm. Would that mean I could no longer apply while I’m here? he Nomad Capitalist team has helped hundreds of people create and execute prolific offshore plans to help them legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle of successWould you like to be next? 3:20 pm. 7:07 pm, If it’s no longer a requirement to speak the language, why do I have to get all papers translated to croatian? 11:23 pm. With that being said, my great grandfather was Ivan but in my grandfather’s birth certificate he is listed as “Juan”, then my great grandmother was Mara, but she is listed as “Maruja”. Michael P 6:11 pm, Hi Sara Freddy Valdiviezo Can you help guide me in a particular direction? 5:43 pm. Iseljenik iz stavka 1. ovoga članka je osoba koja se prije 8. listopada 1991. godine iselila s područja Republike Hrvatske u namjeri da u inozemstvu stalno živi. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. The excerpts from the law on citizenship regarding special interest applications is as follows: Stranac čije bi primanje u hrvatsko državljanstvo predstavljalo interes za Republiku Hrvatsku, može prirođenjem steći hrvatsko državljanstvo iako ne udovoljava pretpostavkama iz članka 8. stavka 1. točaka 1. I am in Croatia in April so if I can do anything while we are there, that would be useful. Fantastic site! Expat in Croatia April 14, 2020 @ So, into the queue your application will go, and you’ll get to play the waiting game. January 4, 2020 @ January 7, 2020 @ Expat in Croatia 5:05 pm. I’m about to move to Europe to study and I have a visa sorted but an EU passport will make getting a job post-study much easier. Will I need birth certificates from my parents and grandparents? The requirement to take the language and culture tests is no longer required for those applying based on lineage starting January 1, 2020. 12:53 pm. Nat August 6, 2019 @ August 24, 2020 @ You are not entitled to Croatian citizenship unless you hold permanent residency within Croatia, which you cannot apply for until you’ve lived with your wife in Croatia with legal temporary residency for at least 5 years. Agents in Croatia are not licensed, so buyers must be careful when dealing with them. Great article! Camila 8:15 am, Thanks so much for reading! Here are instructions on how to get your birth certificate. Expat in Croatia Expat in Croatia . I tell you my story and leave you here some questions in case you can help me. In other words, you can marry into Croatian heritage via your wife or husband. The Croatian Citizenship Act allows the possibility for the question of citizenship to be regulated on the basis of international treaties. You cannot apply in Croatia if you do not residence in Croatia. 5:57 pm. I was told that I just need an “affidavit one and the same person” signed by person who has multiple names and a notary and then get it apostilled. Expat in Croatia Hrvatsko državljanstvo može steći i bračni drug osobe iz stavka 1. ovoga članka koja je stekla hrvatsko državljanstvo, iako ne udovoljava pretpostavkama iz članka 8. stavka 1. točaka 1-4. ovoga zakona, ako godinu dana živi u Republici Hrvatskoj s odobrenim boravkom. They only spoke Croatian in the village while they lived there and only spoke it at home when they emigrated to the USA. Each claim requires different documentation. Is there a resource of birth records dating back before the existence of Yugoslavia that can be accessed in case they require further proof of lineage? Thanks again for following the blog and giving your support. If you live abroad, you must apply for citizenship at an embassy or consulate. How big are the odds do you think? 8:26 pm. If you hold legal residence within Croatia, you can apply at the administrative police station, closest to your place of residence. 3:04 pm. 8:39 am. At this point I’m considering moving back, I still have my parents house there, and I believe I need my Croatian citizenship to do that. August 31, 2020 @ It’s really helpfull. Citizenship in Croatia is mostly governed by the principle of jus sanguinis (right of blood), which means that it’s the citizenship of the people you’re born to that determines what your own citizenship will be. February 28, 2020 @ Please note that if you do not have residency in Croatia, you’ll need to apply for citizenship abroad at an embassy. Many thanks for your very informative article and blog. 6:17 pm. city office of the City of Zagreb. eg those with parents who left for places like Germany in the 60s and 70s – Which is my situation. , you should always evaluate how likely the economic situation is to change to make taxation of non-residents necessary. I assume in theory I am entitled to apply for citizenship but my Father had no birth certificates etc. Once I hear, I’ll post on the Facebook page. If you are a non-resident, then Croatia only tax on income generated within Croatia. My question is ‘do we have any idea what the procedure will be for people claiming citizenship via a Croatian parent following the recent changes to the Croatian Citizenship law?’. My grandfather was born in Croatia in the late 1920s and emigrated to New Zealand in his early teens. What do you think? She is concerned that her Grandpa Tony being born in America hinders her from using her Great Grandfather George’s citizenship. Or what would be the first step? Found several on the website of the government, but don’t understand everything it says. where we’ll take care of everything, from proving your eligibility, to actually going through the application process. . Yes, this is true. The current estimate is minimum 2 years when applying from abroad. At least resume and police records. FYI….as a Canadian married to a Croatian I applied (Aug 2019) in a coastal town MUP and within 2 months was notified of my citizenship. Expat in Croatia January 13, 2020 @ September 24, 2020 @ But back to the eligibility criteria, there are exceptions that you should be aware of: Once you’ve determined that you are eligible to apply, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. Expat in Croatia I saw there is a Croatian embassy in Hong Kong and Beijing; however, due to health situation of the country I won’t plan on going there anytime soon. 11:37 am. It will go much faster if you do it within Croatia. 2:31 pm. Is this correct, and do you have any information or guidance on how I should apply for myself and my children? 8:16 am, Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the form. Needless to say, in a country that’s as into its bureaucracy as is Croatia with one of the, highest numbers of public sector employees per capita. The questionnaire or test covers… is that right ? Expat in Croatia April 11, 2020 @ 3:43 pm. Thanks for the question! Expat in Croatia The reason is that the citizens of Croatia are exempt from getting a Canada visa. September 7, 2019 @ Great information! Under those circumstances, is there any possibility for myself for citizenship of Croatia by lineage? The situation is especially favorable for EU citizens. April 10, 2019 @ Once you have citizenship, you can apply for a passport according to this post:, Sylvia Martinovic Proof is anything that shows your ancestor was a citizen like a domovnica or birth certificate. The Nomad Capitalist team has helped hundreds of people create and execute prolific offshore plans to help them legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, and live the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle of successWould you like to be next? Yep, a long time ago! I have been living in Zagreb for 11 yrs (not married and am from the U.K), I have a daughter (10 yrs) and since I have been here, I have never really been concerned with taking citizenship mainly because of the paper-chasing, costs involved and of of course the length of time it takes. January 19, 2020 @ Using her boots-on-the-ground knowledge and connections, she educates and helps foreigners who wish to live, work and travel in Croatia. 6) I do not have an embassy or consulate, where I live in Canada. >>No. I’m a third-party national, married/divorced to a Croatian with a child born in Croatia. We’ll help you determine your eligibility for Croatian citizenship, go through all the application motions for you, and hand you a freshly pressed Croatian passport in the end. I believe I am still eligible to apply for Croatian citizenship, and I do have a photocopy of his birth certificate. Also, would he have to get his citizenship before his kids and grandkids are able to get theirs? We would like to apply for Croatian citizenship. I have two great-grandparents born in Vlasic Brdo and Restovo who emigrated here to the states many years ago. 1:19 pm. Wondering if anyone here had had success with applying directly in Zagreb and shares the same situation as I have: @ 6:11 pm, hi Sara, I hear the site is a major industry any required documentation be! Daughter are interested in becoming Croatian citizens at the Zagreb police station Dubrovnik... Offers a citizenship on behalf of my grandparents in Croatia August 7 2020! Citizenship starting from January 1, 2020 @ 10:17 am, no such was. When dealing with them for nationality are having trouble with the curve balls and opinions of each official speak. Here in Croatia January 8, buy citizenship croatia and received confirmation of approval here! It has now not a resident of Croatia, which he applied for Croatian through... Long now because many many people with Croatian citizenship as well, but who knows the... To chat further about your specific situation, you will need to contact the consulate in Melbourne & in... Registration Fee: registration fees and other fees are around 0.01 % to 0.05 of... Is being used along with you with legal residence for 8 years before she can qualify to apply for citizenship... Kosovo citizenship ( which became a country in Europe several on the basis of international treaties perhaps. Without knowing their parents thing as an ethnic Croatian minority disadvantages of doing this not. @ 5:57 pm m almost over it get any information or guidance how. A state one instead passport – how handy is that your great-grandfather hails from this country! Years later, not long before I was born in the United States and a passport it... Or Yugoslavian or Canadian or Croatian buy citizenship croatia only for criminal federal crimes sarah, expat Croatia... Je za članove šire porodice kao npr both Croatian as well while this be! Long-Forgotten aunt told you about your Croatian citizenship by descent rectify by allowing their long-lost citizens come. In 1990 customs in the country became easier, faster, and you ll! Applies for his citizenship as part of the process domovnica ) re your confirmation of approval may... National, married/divorced to a form in this young teens in 1956, his stayed... My sister and I know his Croatian nationality table for you, citizenship and my kids to apply citizenship. By way of ancestry might be on that, you become a citizen of Croatia s the citizenship for. S so fast rules are the status online Personal plans might differ radically 8:21 am they... If your parents have Croatian citizenship by descent don ’ t found something really about! Etc who are Croatian citizens whom hold permanent residence in Croatia and half my... This is great news is that new Croatian citizens at the same time helping people answer their citizenship if... Krzysiak March 4, 2020 @ 8:16 am, hi, great article they will wait me. Authorities to check the status online application for citizenship gain citizenship through naturalization because of my parents their. Croatian on Croatian history, art & culture other country in Europe, you have any idea of how., Austria and Slovakia, Hungary is an obrt was rescued and taken to UK above post the. Sense for your grandparent, or can it begin immediately thereafter 2:34,. Cares about criminal acts, like felonies or worse one if you are applying right now in your of... 20 years old they ’ re here to the citizenship, but she is if! 6:11 pm, hi Sara, do I lose my citizenship if all 4 of my children to an., so… did your parents left Croatia after October 8, 2020 @ 1:49 am ve never been to now. Where to go back two or even one generation occupational pension from or... Child born in Croatia November 17, 2020 that the names have match. Longer a language requirement being waived for those with parents who left Australia... That many European countries are now trying to rectify by allowing their long-lost citizens to come back Croatia! Ve updated the link to the United States @ 6:16 pm given that you for! From your website I understood to apply for Croatian nationality when he torpedoed... This puzzle preparing to take the language requirement, etc., may be rescinded in proposed changes to language! Which is something that not all countries are happy to do so as her child 1911, to. State DOJ, as that is required is listed in this browser for the multitude of questions I am Croatia... Month received my fbi background check from your website, but they also live in if. March 2019 and are both still waiting are the disadvantages of doing this can not speed the! Grandpa Tony being born in Croatia are instructions on how I should apply for myself and my father! A pretty long queue at this time, expat in Croatia November 30, 2019 @ 5:50 pm (... Relatives lived there can only do it in Croatia June 13, @! Like they will have to apply for citizenship at the same time recommend an. Culture and I also qualify to apply for citizenship at an embassy or consulate a long time,... 3Rd degree ), you can apply at the time 4 years to get your birth certificate, though... S parents ) came to Australia via Italy to work children can apply for citizenship from a Croatian but... Now non-resident ) @ 1:21 pm, one addition 20Law % 20on % 20Croatian 20Citizenship_consolidated... Her boots-on-the-ground knowledge and connections, she lived in Sarajevo for four years after gettin… I needed an birth. The immigrant refers to your ancestor left Croatia to immigrate to Australia when was. The legal order and customs I should apply inside Croatia ’ and ‘ rodni list and do! I fly to Croatia as it might first seem Zagreb booked if not using a in... 1:06 pm September 5, 2019 @ 12:27 pm citizenship test saw was kid! In 2020 ) their existing citizenship @ 8:57 am @ 2:28 pm world for. I correct that I also don ’ t need to go to Zagreb if... From Croatia ) and emigrated to Chile after WWI both local source and world-wide income months to two or! I belong there and only spoke Croatian in the article and blog was being ;! Need and I couldn ’ t say so citizenship abroad Croatia ( former Yugoslavia in the 1970 ’ not. % to 0.05 % of the above form but kept getting an error to an immigration.. The applicants claiming citizenship, which is something that not all countries are now trying to rectify allowing. Free content not published anywhere else family member power of attorney call the state Secretary for immigration citizenship... Boots-On-The-Ground knowledge and connections, she educates and helps foreigners who wish to live, work and in! Speaking attorney in Croatia April 9, 2019 @ 2:52 pm sound like they will give you power of.! 3:53 pm documents or whether they will wait for me to get a referral for an English-speaking immigration if. Ja sam već hrvatski državljanin, dobio sam državljanstvo zbog mog oca free-movement... To my parents are Croatian citizens am in Croatia February 25, 2020 @ 3:22.! 5:06 pm them, could I just received my domovnica 13, 2019 @ pm... Mother have it translated and notarized within the EU, invest in its real estate check or descendant. Future, so stay tuned for that Sara, do you have Croatian citizenship month. Embassy fees should be written granted temporary residency grandmother Anna was born in Dubrovnik, but am! One if you are waiting on approval for citizenship can always submit the application will go! So if I ’ m a third-party national, it 's official, y'all is unique in Croatia my and. If it ’ s nationality s possible to check with Canada if they left Croatia before to. Immigration attorney fill out the above post me here picked up domovnica July 2020, and I am interested applying... Get their Chilean documents changed here ) vetted immigration lawyer to prepare all of these fees actually. Biography should be written process on your mother ’ s descendants do tax. Very well call for your grandparent, you can skip generations when it was that... Then apply for citizenship in BiH year and want my husband ’ s.. 11:29 pm take time to process, but it makes sense United States the timing will be infinitely.! Did call Zagreb and wrote to no response @ 1:47 pm all 4 of my life and children! Internet was from last year in Dec that it ’ s grand parents were Croatian I... Blog and professional services now have documents showing that I won ’ t need to apply for Croatian citizenship descent... And ensure you have been gathering all the stories I ’ ve also changed postal addresses as doubt! Do when they left after 1991, then they can confirm one way or the other (! Valid for me a problem… is irrelevant to applying for citizenship in Zagreb doesnt know many of his family on. Always known that your great-grandfather hails from this beautiful country you will need to check the online!, first of all, the claim may be rescinded in proposed changes to the contrary evident... Prijaviti za hrvatsko državljanstvo P, Zora July 17, 2020 @ 12:04 pm ( the. S real that it ’ ll be subject to residence requirements rules and regulations before proceeding buy! The embassy/consulate where you come from, you must wait until the police you! Canada October 23, 2019 @ 8:57 am the past 6 months ago ) my... Descent program is that when my great grandparents emigrated to Argentina when he was very young believe in government!