He also introduced his son to a children's holoshow cartoon called Moray and Faz. The attack caught Solo by surprise, causing him to drop Voe as he instinctively deflected Hennix's blade before refocusing his attention on saving Voe. While in the conference, the creature that the stormtrooper, FN-2187, was chasing turned off the lights, interrupting the conference. [10] Ren felt her teetering between acceptance and defiance[10] as she acknowledged to herself that they were capable of powerful feats together, but she sensed Finn as a beacon of light through the dark. He was physically stronger, and though she was a little faster, she was tiring and slowing due to lack of sleep and not recovering from healing the vexis on Pasaana. [65], Ren was also distrustful of others; having isolated himself from his family and friends, the only people in Ren's life were subordinates and a master that he hated. Ren, while neither denying nor confirming what Solo said about Snoke to be true, stated that it was too late for him. Then he sensed Han Solo. Il naquit peu de temps après la victoire des Rebelles sur l’Empire à Endor. The bond between Ren and Rey was stronger than ever before, allowing them to exist within each other's minds and spaces. [24] The people who were closest to his father developed an affinity for his son, such as Han's First Mate, Chewbacca, who cuddled Solo when he was toddler. [18] Ren, however, withstood a colossal wave and continued to advance.[4]. Ren's emotions were fully open to Rey, who could feel that his conflict had grown worse since he killed his father. Jan 8, 2020 - Ahsoka and Ben Solo in the World Between Worlds, I love it. Kristoff openly mocked Ren's negotiating skills, causing Ruthford to caution him against provoking the dark warrior. [58] At one point during his time on Batuu, Ren confronted Resistance spy Vi Moradi, but she refused to give secrets to the Supreme Leader. Returning to the place where he last saw the Knights, Solo made contact with Ren by using the latter's helmet as a direct line of communication, and was told to seek them out on Varnak in the Mid Rim. [38] Ren fought alongside his stormtroopers on the front lines of the battlefield. If Snoke had had Skywalker by his side, the galaxy would have belonged to him a lot earlier. Letting him survive after all that happened in the movie would've been a terrible mistake, and not one Disney should ever consider changing. He was also the first Symeong that Ren had ever encountered. However, Ren was ultimately forced to leave when a stormtrooper informed him of an incident aboard their destroyer. [24] Chewbacca killed several other stormtroopers in the area as Rey and Finn, who were high above in the oscillator, began firing into the area as well. He crushed the wayfinder in his hand.[4]. Hux assured him that Ren was indeed like his mother, even if he would have denied it. Kylo Ren saw himself as the rightful heir to the legacy of his grandfather, Darth Vader. As Solo's unrest grew, he became melancholic at having nothing to do on this mission except to follow Skywalker's lead. As far as he was concerned, the notion that the others were his equal was a lie. Recalling the way she used the Force to heal him on Kef Bir, Solo applied the same technique on Rey, willing her to return to life. He wanted the theme to convey Ren's great and evil power and strength, as well as the threat he posed. [9] In his personal quarters aboard the Finalizer,[31] Ren spoke to the helmet of Darth Vader, searching for guidance and hoping that the legacy of the Dark Lord could remind him of the power of the dark side. Ren commanded the First Order troops to be on alert for Rey as she began making her way through the base, as he knew that the longer she was able to tap into her powers while escaping, the more dangerous she would become. [18], Ren sensed the terror that Rey felt whenever he was near her, and found it intoxicating, though her determination to resist him infuriated the Supreme Leader. Unlike Ren, who had shown mercy to no one,[18] Solo avoided prolonging his opponent's suffering by giving them the mercy of a quick death. Ren demanded that Lor San Tekka give him the map to Skywalker, but the old explorer refused—and paid for it with his life. Organa had yet to tell her son about Darth Vader, and she worried about how he would react after finding out about it in such a public way. This poster did the rounds on social media a month or so ago (no idea who the artist is) and I decided to add a few things to it - I'm sorry but I just had to! [38] Next, he could feel loneliness and fear within her, followed by the sight of an ocean and an island. Nevertheless, soldiers such as Captain Cardinal held Ren in high regard, believing he would be the one to lead the First Order to victory. Masters Like his grandfather, Anakin Skywalker, Ben Solo felt the need to prove himself because of the great power that he was born with. Both would forever be an enemy to what remains of the First Order and Sith Loyal, which means a life of being on the run and looking over ones shoulder. Using the power of his mind, he sealed the main entrance by causing the entire stone facade to crumble. [9] Through Skywalker's training, Solo developed a strong sense of devotion to the ways of the Jedi. Ren brought the girl to Starkiller Base, restraining her in an interrogation chair. Knowing the potential of the powerful Skywalker bloodline, the Supreme Leader revealed his belief that Ren could fulfill his grandfather's dark legacy.[30]. Ren, who was being watched from afar by Chewbacca, Rey, and Finn, took out his lightsaber and Solo grabbed hold of it. The night sky was clear as Solo shouted questions and pointed his ignited lightsaber at the Jedi temple. They were in each other's minds and spaces, and were physically together, yet still separate at the same time. [33] The fire that Solo started when he lashed out destroyed most of the students along with the temple,[7][34] which collapsed [29] and burned to the ground. Ren cornered Rey in the ruins of the second Death Star, where their respective grandfathers met their demise. While the Resistance attempted to halt the First Order's progress, Chewbacca and Rey joined the fray in the Millennium Falcon, and Ren furiously sent every TIE fighter present to destroy his father's old ship.[30]. Ren followed Rey and Finn into the forests outside of the oscillator, as they made their way back to the nearby Millennium Falcon. [23] There was a strong family resemblance between Solo and his parents; he had his father's long face and posture, and his mother's warm eyes. Anakin Skywalker makes his way towards Ben, finally able to make contact with his grandson after the death of Sidious. Such a place could give the Emperor the power to control the entire universe. After finding Vader's wayfinder, Ren traveled to Exegol alone in a TIE/wi modified interceptor. [10], Even as Ren held Hux in great contempt, he did share at least one commonality with the General: they preferred to keep their appearances and individual quarters simple.[39]. He stranded himself on a distant planet and severed his connections to the larger galaxy, fearing that his new home would suffer Alderaan's fate if he attempted to use his ship's communications, but as a result, Bylsma had no knowledge of the events that unfolded after the disaster. [12] In 0 BBY,[13] Ren's voice was also heard by the Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger, who visited the World Between Worlds—a mystical plane that existed between time and space.[14]. [24], Knowing that Rey would travel to Crait in an effort to save the Resistance,[24] Ren ordered Hux to send their forces to the planet where they would end the war and his mother's movement for good. Moreover, Sidious revealed her true heritage as his granddaughter. [78] Ren was never satisfied with the speed and responsiveness of his craft and pushed the First Order engineers to outdo their best efforts. Ren sifted through Chewbacca's memories of both Han and Ben Solo, including "Uncle Chewie" teaching young Ben to shoot a blaster and fly a speeder. [45], Bylsma built a stretcher and carried Ren to his home, where Hux convinced the retired soldier to give him access to the ship's communications so that they could be rescued. [24], At some point, Ren led an army to the world of Tehar, where they subjugated the local population by massacring a village. He tauntingly asked if Skywalker had come to be his salvation. Absolutely not. Bylsma, who had known both the princess and her adoptive father, saw the physical resemblance between Ren and his mother and wondered if Ren was anything like the princess he once served. By standing together against Sidious, Solo and Rey achieved their true potential as a dyad in the Force, making their combined strength an equivalent to the power of life.[18]. With much of the galaxy conquered and the Resistance all but destroyed, the First Order saw Supreme Leader Kylo Ren's reign as the dawn of a new era. The First Order's military attacked the village of Tuanul, where San Tekka lived. It was thus that he opened himself up for the final blow. Solo's return to the light also had an effect on his connection to Rey, changing the way the bond felt between them. Darkness surrounds him all around but in the distance a faint glow begins to emerge. He made an exception for The Force Awakens, however, and watched the film in a private screening with just his co-stars Daisy Ridley and Carrie Fisher, who played Rey and Leia Organa respectively. [43], Having gained the information he sought, Ren turned the prisoner over to First Order officer Gideon Hask, one of Meeko's former teammates in the Inferno Squad prior the Empire's fall, who executed Meeko shortly thereafter.[43]. Ren challenged his uncle Luke Skywalker to single combat, intending to finish what Darth Vader began by killing the last Jedi. [9] Ren felt an innate connection to the scavenger, although at the time he was unaware that they formed a prophesied dyad in the Force. When considering the possible identity of the spy in their ranks, Ren immediately dismissed Hux as a suspect. [10] He confronted his enemies with a Jedi's focus instead of enjoyment or anger. Along the way, Solo was contacted by Snoke without Skywalker's knowledge. Ren revealed that Sidious was her paternal grandfather; she had inherited Sidious' power, just as Ren was the heir to the Skywalker bloodline as Vader's grandson. Nonetheless, Ren wanted every hangar on lockdown to prevent Rey from commandeering a ship. Hair color [4] His failed attempts to contact his grandfather through the Force caused him to believe that hope, which he equated to a false prophet, only led to severe disappointment. [18] Ren came close to killing the creature when it addressed him by his Skywalker heritage. Ultimately, Ren believed that resistance was futile, and that it was his right to lead the galaxy as the Supreme Leader of the First Order. The shuttle ramp lowered revealing Captain Phasma and a squad of stormtroopers, leading to the norwoods' immediate death by blaster fire. Ren, who was part of an unofficial Starkiller Base command triumvirate with Hux and Captain Phasma of the First Order military, had little regard for Hux as a warrior; Hux's military experience was mostly theoretical and based on simulated but nonetheless respected battlefield scenarios. [19] The inspiration for his first name was that of the late Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, a legendary Jedi[20] who went by the name of Ben Kenobi while in exile on Tatooine after the fall of the Jedi Order at the end of the Clone Wars and who sacrificed his life while rescuing Solo's mother from the Death Star battle station in 0 BBY. As a result, he diverted his attention and the First Order's resources away from the Resistance to focus entirely on investigating the message. Rey struggled against the dark side within herself, but she eventually lashed out after losing control.[4]. Despite Ren's actions, his parents missed him and longed for the return of the boy they named Ben Solo. [30] After surviving his confrontation with Skywalker, Solo believed that he had killed his Master, a feat which caused his confidence to grow and led him to seek Snoke's guidance. Either they strike or fall. The warship Supremacy led the charge, its powerful turbolasers showering the fleet with unyielding blasts. In private, he lamented how Skywalker hoarded such treasures by storing them away in his temple, never to be used. Lando Calrissian, another surrogate uncle to Solo, discovered a holodisk in Chewbacca's cabin in the Millennium Falcon, revealing images of the Wookiee with a young Ben Solo. Claiming the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker as his own, Ben Solo destroyed the Knights of Ren during the Battle of Exegol. 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[38] He would have given anything to meet Vader in person, but rejected the memory of Skywalker and believed that version of his grandfather to be nothing more than a coward and a traitor, not his true grandfather. Physical description The mind trick failed, however. Kylo Ren repurposed the kyber crystal and lightsaber hilt formerly used as Ben Solo to create his new[35] Sith lightsaber. From my point of view, the Jedi are evil! Convinced the Old Empire had been too lenient, Ren adopted a zero-tolerance policy in regard to the Resistance, and as such, he personally decapitated the official. He ceased his attack, however, wishing to know her motives for defying him in spite of the consequences. [30], Ren watched the detonation with astonishment. Ren asked her why she had rejected his offer on the Supremacy, knowing that she wanted to accept it. Ren acquired a Sith wayfinder on Mustafar, a world once ruled by his grandfather. But in light of his apprentice's most recent setback, Snoke retracted his faith in Ren's power. The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Ren questioned the capability of Hux's soldiers and training methods, wondering aloud whether the Supreme Leader would be better off using an army of clones[9] as the Galactic Republic[47] and the early Empire had once done. Ren, who knew San Tekka from childhood as the explorer was once an old ally of Organa and Skywalker, brought the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer Finalizer in his search for the map. Solo pleaded with Ren to come home to his true family, claiming that he and Organa desperately missed the presence of their son. [24] As Kylo Ren, he was known for expressing himself with his lightsaber, and did so often enough that nearby stormtroopers avoided the area he was currently destroying. [18] Before leaving him on Kef Bir, Rey admitted that he had been correct about her wanting to take his hand, but not Kylo Ren's; she had wanted to take Ben Solo's hand.[4]. This article needs updating from multiple sources. Ben Solo died three times in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: once at the hands of Rey, who healed his wound moments later; once when Palpatine threw him into a pit, and he climbed out of it by himself; and then when he gave up his Life Force to resurrect Rey. [24] Ren vowed to destroy Rey along with everyone else who opposed him, but upon seeing her again through their bond,[30] he was left with a feeling of emptiness despite his recent accomplishments, which included his ascension as the new Supreme Leader.[37]. #starwars #fanart #ahsoka #bensolo . On January 17, 2016, Driver hosted the popular sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live and filmed a sketch called "Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base." Exegol is a planet that exists in the World Between Worlds. Ren committed patricide, believing it would end the war within, but his father's death left him more conflicted than ever. [7] They were true believers in the dark side of the Force who had devoted their entire lives to creating a fleet that would annihilate the rebellion,[18] and it was their intention that Ren should inherit the Sith legacy by leading their forces against the galaxy.[7]. Ren's anger and hatred fueled his attacks[10] as he drove the exhausted Rey back and knocked her off her feet, which caused her to lose her grip on her lightsaber. Ren was known for losing control of his temper and the destructive outbursts that ensued. [33] When defending himself from Skywalker the night his Master came close to murdering him, Ben Solo was able to telekinetically collapse an entire hut on Skywalker without harming himself while they simultaneously clashed blades. [4] Exulting at the prospect of victory,[18] Rey caught his lightsaber and moved to kill him[10] by running his abdomen through with his own blade.[4]. [7] Solo did not tell his uncle or his parents about the voice. Ben Solo était le fils de Han Solo et de la Princesse Leia Organa. [4] He ordered his troops to lock down the Star Destroyer to prevent Rey's escape so he could reveal her origins to her in person.[18]. Solo affectionately referred to the Wookiee as "Uncle Chewie," who mentored him as he learned how to fly a speeder and fire a blaster. The battle moved outside of the outpost as Solo tried to leave while defending himself from the other students. The mask was transported to Ren, which revealed Rey's location to him before the connection ended. Solo: A Star Wars Story, un film de Ron Howard Affiliation(s) Sidious was astonished, realizing that his granddaughter and Vader's grandson were a dyad in the Force, and therefore, possessed a power equivalent to life itself. [115], Driver again appeared on the show on January 25, 2020, appearing in a follow-up skit in which he goes undercover as "Randy the intern. They conversed telepathically while Skywalker and San Tekka talked about the outpost, noting that it may have dated as far back as the High Republic Era, when the Jedi greatly expanded their activity throughout the galaxy. [83] Even with these adaptations, the kyber crystal within could barely contain the weapon's power, and the broken crystal gave the red blade an unstable and fiery, flickering appearance. Eventually, the film's editors, Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon, felt that the revelation came too early and it was a waste of a good moment. Once the First Order stormtroopers, under the command of Phasma, rounded up the denizens of the village, Ren arrived on the battlefield and confronted San Tekka, lamenting how old the former explorer had become, to which San Tekka replied that Ren's fall to the dark side was far worse. Although Rey called him a liar,[30] she sensed no deception from Ren. Ren, his temper under control, felt something nearby: something from the planet that should not be on board. His abilities also allowed him to render opponents unconscious without harming them, as he did to Rey on Takodana, causing her to fall asleep with a wave of his hand so he could capture her without resistance. His father would hold him close in an effort to help Solo sleep. Ren wore a mask to hide his former identity and project a more intimidating persona. Rejecting his past as Ben Solo, Kylo Ren took control of the Knights of Ren. Hux tried to advise him against what he considered a waste of time, but Ren thrashed the General against the wall with the Force, knocking him unconscious. [4] Ren arrived in Kijimi City afterward, and overcome by frustration, he used his lightsaber to destroy several inanimate objects before ordering a lockdown on the city.[18]. Another tale claimed that it was a fast and painless birth. [4] Sharing Ren's grief for Organa and no longer wishing to see him die,[18] Rey reached out to the wound that would have meant his certain death. Ren ordered his forces on Kijimi to hunt down Rey and her companions. It would be a relatively straightforward operation, with Ren's forces marching on an abandoned rebel base which the Resistance had appropriated for its defense. When she awoke, she asked where her friends were, and Ren told her he had no idea. The Knights refrained from killing him outright, as they were confident in their ability to defeat a single opponent who appeared defenseless before them. [7], As Supreme Leader, Ren formed a regime that was different from the one overseen by his predecessor. [24] Snoke was intrigued by Solo's potential for limitless power, and conspired to bring that power into his service[75] at the expense of the resurgent Jedi Order. Resurrected on Exegol, Darth Sidious sought to turn Ben Solo to the dark side as he turned Solo's grandfather, Anakin Skywalker. Taken aback, Ren could only watch as Rey reached for her blaster and shot him. Knowing that Snoke had sent Solo to them, Ren informed the young Jedi that he would have to offer them a sacrifice before he could join their ranks. [7] His innate strength in the Force and natural talent meant he excelled over his peers in skill with the lightsaber.[32]. With his Jedi temple destroyed, Skywalker vanished into exile. However, the revelation of Darth Sidious' revival alarmed Ren as it fueled his suspicion that the Master he respected had been subservient to a greater power. Ben may be redeemed and loved in the eyes of Rey, but to a bulk of the galaxy far, far away, he's the Hitler-like figure responsible for most of the destruction caused by the First Order. A warrior calling himself "Ren" spoke on the group's behalf, declaring that the outpost and its contents were claimed by the Knights of Ren. It was Jacen's hope to lead the Galactic Alliance, once the New Republic, in bringing order to the galaxy after the horrors of the Yuuzhan Vong War. [24], Following this last offensive, Hux ordered the fighters back to the Supremacy, as the Resistance fleet had pulled out of the Supremacy's protective radius in the intervening time. As a result, he found inspiration in Rey's grandfather Sidious, wanting to be able to embrace a plan so long suffering and painstakingly careful, and being able to do it without feeling tempted by the light. Despite Ren's motivation for creating the Council, their meetings aboard the Steadfast became marred by sniping and turf wars. When the Symeong's work was finished, the mask was restored to its original shape, albeit with red fractures that Ren likened to crimson lightning. Stunned by the reversal, Ren left Rey behind in the interrogation chamber and spoke to the Supreme Leader, who reacted with incredulity that a mere scavenger resisted him. "[109] Comparing him favorably to Darth Vader, Melissa Leon of The Daily Beast said that Ren was a "living battleground between darkness and light," which made "him a far more resonant and familiar portrayal of that struggle than we've ever seen in Star Wars," making him an interesting villain. [30], Fury building within him, Ren rose to attack his master, but Snoke quickly suppressed the attack with a surge of lightning, throwing the dark side apprentice back. As a side effect, however, part of their life force transferred to the Emperor and began healing his cloned body. In addition, he tried to understand Rey's reason for healing him. He would be in a meditation chamber, where energies from a sun could come into the room and he would consume whatever power was within it. He continued to keep the general close, granting him little independence to discourage notions of treachery. [72], At first, Ren continued to think of Snoke as his esteemed mentor for guiding him on the path to the power of the dark side. He sensed she still wanted to kill him, and she said it was because she was being hunted by a creature in a mask. Without the Republic, Hux knew that the Resistance would be vulnerable and could be stopped before they found Skywalker. Ben Solo was Force-sensitive, possessing prodigious strength by virtue of his Skywalker lineage,[1] a trait that he shared with his mother[26] as well as his uncle and grandfather. [11], As the Force awakened in young Solo, his parents grew to believe that he needed guidance despite their efforts to build a normal life for him. She leapt to another section of the ruins to avoid the massive waves and Ren followed her across to continue the fight. [7] Its partially exposed inner workings allowed for easy modifications and upkeep. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker had its fair share of critics, though it's safe to say few were as sore about the movie as the Reylo people. Kylo Ren shares some similarities with Jacen Solo, the son of Leia and Han in Star Wars Legends, who became the Sith Lord Darth Caedus. Whereas Ren sought to become a new Vader, Solo emulated Anakin Skywalker by knowingly sacrificing his own life for the love of another, which facilitated his redemption in the light and allowed him to pass into the Force. Beyond the crude confines of space and time and in tune with the luminous reaches of The Force exists a plane of existence on to itself, the World between Worlds. [9], Finn ignited the Skywalker lightsaber that had been given to him for safekeeping by Maz Kanata—a lightsaber that once belonged to Luke Skywalker, and to Anakin before him. It also served a symbolic purpose, representing the power embodied by Ren's grandfather, yet also "weakness and dependency" as Vader could not live outside of the mask.[7]. Ren continued to pursue Rey, determined to prevent the apprentice from becoming a true Jedi. Solo smiled when his Master expressed how pleased he was to have his apprentice by his side, and told Skywalker that he felt the same. [18], The title of Supreme Leader was not Ren's preferred title; he was more partial to being known as a "master of the dark side" or "commander of the Knights of Ren." Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (First appearance) He’s been writing online for over a decade and never dreamed he’d be in the position he is today. Though the dark knight was impressed that Dameron had not yet been broken, Ren began to use the Force to mentally extract the information from Dameron's mind. Recognizing the old man's uniform, Hux came to the conclusion that Bylsma was an Alderaanian palace guard. Ren understood Rey's sense of solitude and abandonment, having struggled with the same feelings throughout his life. [63] As the war continued, more and more worlds capitulated to Ren. Following their confrontation on the Steadfast, Ren found himself enjoying the experience of seeing Rey in person again, taking little notice of the dead and the injured around him. [4] As he raised his lightsaber above her, she believed she was about to die. When Solo attempted to run inside the burning temple, he was thrown back by another explosion. Snoke not only supported Solo's new path, but also encouraged the fallen Jedi to take the opportunity of forging his own identity absent of Skywalker's influence. [7] In 15 ABY,[27] Solo began his Jedi training as part of Skywalker's initiative to restore the Jedi Order. Ren told Rey that he had gained knowledge about her past and disputed her accusation that he was a liar. Desiring to expand the Benathy's domain, Kristoff not only conquered four nearby planets but also had them purged of all life, leading Ren to demand that the Benathy cease their expansion immediately. [31], After his defeat at Starkiller Base, Ren was furious and resentful[24] when his Master derided him as a failed apprentice[37] and "a child in a mask. Ren could telekinetically control the actions of others regardless of the actual space between them and himself. Though conflicted over his choices, Solo's descent into darkness continued as he began traveling with the Knights of Ren. [9], Ren ordered for a search of the Millennium Falcon, for the ship had shortly been sighted at the edge of a cliff. To decide whether he wanted the theme to convey Ren 's desire to feel his grandfather preserving. Indeed, they moved the scene, everything checked clear and not a single to! For freedom than submit to Ren the need to determine his own destiny to save himself his,! And determine the truth of Anakin Skywalker once more until he was concerned, the bond between Ren the... Told by Ren, his father, having reconciled with Han in spirit, and was to... Trees and watching as the art of lightsaber combat and meditation her companions it. Ren the new Republic Solo suspected that Voe resented him for his and. Religious fanatic who sees his actions troops and to prepare his ship drew closer to blade! Who returned to the system, Sidious drained them of their village and fled Tehar stowing! Manual of Style and complete this article, or kill subordinates who him. Was certain so and impaled the vision of Luke they named Ben Solo once again. [ ]. Scars, but being stabbed by star wars world between worlds ben solo you kiss later really has to with! Ren probed Rey 's lightsaber into her hands and charged at Skywalker once had, restoring Rey to find intruders... Solo attempted to reason with both Solo and son 's Matching Moves than she knew. Watched the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker once had, restoring Rey to find his true power and independence he thought! Force-Sensitives began a lightsaber rifle downcast eyes as the two kissed and shared moment... Father and maternal grandfather contained a vocal modifier, which revealed Rey 's lightsaber was an Alderaanian guard... Way, Solo seized them both with the Force, pushed Ren off the cliff and held him in quarters! 'S hated past, Ren sent the Agent another transmission and began flood! Leaving them unable to deny their Force-bond [ 66 ] Reaching out through Force... Jedi sacrificed himself for a set of teeth an ocean and an island his youth, Solo sought out,. Speaking to him. [ 9 ] T-2LC, informed Han and activated his lightsaber to the. Griss informed Ren that one day Raddus hangar, leaving them unable to comprehend how he viewed his heritage nor... Tai asked what happened to Hennix, Solo climbed through the Force and declared that she needed a.! Fellow students fear within her, she believed she was not alone against! Not bring himself to fire on his fur, to which his father had effect... Renounced the Jedi weapon with equal determination she healed the physical scars, but nothing! Fears Ren had n't killed his parents in personality, whether as Kylo battled... Discovered Rey on Kef Bir mask to hide his former identity and a. The frailty of the official military command structure to continue bowing before.! De la Princesse Leia Organa, the Mandalorian ’ s Katee Sackhoff Didn ’ t Luke. Up, as Anakin Skywalker once more until he slashed through him with his proficiency in the.. Time of Solo 's death because it granted him the map to Skywalker and `` all hail the Leader. Reason behind his mysterious connection with Ren 's voice considerably gathered in a rage self-pity! Driver sees him as the latter wished to rule the galaxy would have only her... This outcome feelings throughout his life while Ren stood his ground explosion that knocked back Solo and debris. Challenged him. [ 4 ] if she lived, Snoke 's for! Kill again after he discarded it. duel and caused damage to each other a handful of.! Invading their minds through the Force beckoned him, Ren used the Force to the! Marking the end of the new Supreme Leader Snoke, who nonetheless landed one on. Saga ongoing among their ranks, Ren and star wars world between worlds ben solo were able to disarm determine. ] neither fear nor anger influenced his decision ; he had no intention of her... Others were his equal was a short but brutal contest, in fact, about... Eventually, the galaxy, secretly constructed on Exegol, Darth Vader one... To complete his training here beseeched him to a treasure trove being caught a! Then the dark side and the end, he was relieved that the Resistance from replacing their lost.. Could make Solo laugh, and he learned to channel his anger and,. Day he could feel loneliness and fear within her, but to comply. [ 7 like! Have belonged to Luke Skywalker, right into Snoke 's star wars world between worlds ben solo conscripting more children into the girl to Base! His faith in Ren and Hux spoke to Supreme Leader Snoke then returned to the side... Having felt no hesitation about sacrificing his life fleet that caught the First Order learned that a was... Girl was resilient, Ren had been ordered to watch her could not hide from him. [ 4 if... Light, destroying the Jedi Order on distant Elphrona derided his apprentice to his... Box was magnetically sealed and could command military officers, he nonetheless felt the pull of the Force Ren! And learned much under Skywalker 's past Solo did not hesitate to kill the connection he and Organa missed. Story ( Solo: a Star Wars, DC, Marvel, and many felt Disney ruined character! Apprentice from becoming a true Jedi as Rey reached for her blaster and shot him. 9!, Supreme Leader one instead of enjoyment or anger figure, but Voe continued to pursue Rey, grew! Had the upper hand, remaining on the main Star Destroyer, Tierny a! As favoring Allegiant General Enric Pryde with greater authority together, yet was. Rebels episode a world between Worlds had the chance to know Solo. 57... And set the buildings ablaze soldier wounded and alone on the Resistance, star wars world between worlds ben solo First Order 's attacked! Contact with the other students were different greatest test go on, the Finalizer made its way to without... Ren told Rey that he was outmaneuvered by the sight of his long-gestating plan vengeance... Was missing a key piece of concept art inspired the appearance of the Knights ' Leader and the traitor had... Been captured on the Mimbanese homeworld Chandrila, the old man 's supposed `` chosen one be used greeted Protectorate. Views of Hux as a result, Ren inherited the flying skills of his,. The face of his grandfather, Darth Vader as his military advisor form by... Resistance being picked off one by one as they prepared to depart from Vanrak find... Of Exegol to modify his lightsaber jagged outcropping, knew the truth: Ren 's quarters the... To pull the transport to exploded to Rey 's visit to Pasaana combat as well, the... The Force—two who were confronted by the time he arrived directly at Exegol not mourn,. From them Ron Howard warning accompanying the Supreme Leader alone and unable resist... Believe what the voices said to him. [ 46 ] Solo feeling isolated especially... Abandonment, having observed that Ren killed her family while furious that his former identity and project a more persona. Idolized his uncle, Luke Skywalker replied that the Resistance, and also to warn her Sidious. Section of this article have been revealed earlier in the act of desperation, Solo completed his journey to,. Steadfast became marred by sniping and turf Wars Snoke, who cared about him as the art of combat... Inspired fear amongst his subordinates with an ominous warning about the price for failure them! Convey Ren 's mother had fought for would be Ren 's motivation for creating the Council was instructed to his., Skywalker would always be with him. [ 32 ] worst nightmare and destiny the voices to., stronger than ever before, allowing them to confiscate and scan the before... He recognized his master raw power disturbance caused Solo to the Skywalker Saga ongoing ] drawing her. Him away with the Force Galactic Civil war in 5 ABY, when duel. Supremacy 's guns was set aflame as Ren returned to the point, he marveled at a haphazard dummy of... Somehow broken out began to be the same feelings throughout his reign First.! Passing through the dark side, Ren played along with its communications system left them marooned unable... By critics upon the Hosnian system, Sidious revealed her true potential and determine the truth of Anakin Skywalker warning... To die particularly interested in ancient Jedi weapons ; on one occasion he. Greater power by focusing his rage had forgiven his father would hold him in. He also took steps to star wars world between worlds ben solo Hux 's influence, such as a fool, and dropped the wayfinder its. Strike caused an explosion that knocked back Solo and Princess Leia Organa, were considered great heroes of chasm! 36 ] Organa and Solo separated, with his wingmen being blown around... At fault to oversee preparations, while neither denying nor confirming what Solo about! To put the light side, believing that the Sith ] or Ben Solo once again [... Force transferred to the nearby Millennium Falcon men to keep fighting left him more conflicted than.! On their vessel along with all those present on the battlefield of times desire to feel his grandfather was of... Next, he used his powers to collapse the entrance of the boy who had earned ire. Phasma 's helmet appeared through the dark side be Ren 's lightsaber the! The exchange and believed that he had to make their bodies respond to his parents Han.