A literal fish out of water, Abe connects to fellow freaks Liz and Hellboy on multiple levels. He was born May 7, 1885, the third of seven children, in the Hayes Hotel (owned by his father) in the tiny hamlet of Stannards, New York, on the outskirts of Wellsville, New York. 10 / 20. Disney sidekicks may not be the lead characters of their respective movies, but they certainly end up being scene stealers every time they appear. HODOR! As some of them can't carry a film by themselves, they have to be under bigger villains who can carry a film, and can be taken seriously as the main bad guy in films. Loyal and true except for that one time he had amnesia and was briefly an agent of HYDRA? The 20 Best Movie Sidekicks of All Time. Recently Phlash invited his audience to tell him who their favorite all-time TV or movie sidekicks were either by calling into the studio or by posting it through his Facebook page: Phlash Phelps Phunny Pharm. H-O-D-O-R!!! Giving an arrogant, prickly mouse genius a humble, good-natured dimwit for an accomplice should be too on the nose. Rescuing the slave Django (Jaime Foxx) from the ownership of the Speck brothers, Dr. Ron and Hermione - Harry Potter. This complex recipe cooks up one of Star Wars' greatest creations: Imperial security droid turned Rebel Alliance agent K-2so. Every hero needs a … The easy choice would have been for BB-8 to be an adorable spherical swiss army knife, but luckily for audiences, this spunky round robot is much more than utility tool or plot device. Make a List Browse Lists Search Lists Leaders Help / Contact Newsletter. Willow’s powers eventually rival Buffy’s in terms of heft and impact, but the personality foil is truly the support she constantly provides to the Slayer. Childhood friend of the hero? Get it right, because Eddie Murphy is not messing around and Mushu is... 3. We will start with the sidekicks who were generally more annoying throughout their journey and make our way down to those who actually deserved hero status themselves by the end of their movies. The triumvirate of nerdy archetypes. HHH. Some of these guys have been leading villains in films but like only one off or some times but most of their films they have been sidekicks 4 life. The good guys succeed not because they are fiercer warriors or more powerful spellcasters, but because they support one another. All the good boys and girls from TV shows and films. No longer just the brother of the protagonist, he’s now Luigi the noble coward. Join us as our entire staff celebrates anything and everything in genre through our series of “25 Greatest from the last 25 years” lists. Bronn has done this duty not with just one protagonist, but two. Most sidekicks assist the hero on their journey. We all have the sidekicks in our lives who aid us, stick with us through thick and thin, provide us with moments of laughter and are willing to risk their lives for us. Sign In. Comics publishers in the 40s and 50s introduced kid sidekicks for the most popular superheroes because comic books were predom Genie is definitely one of my favorite movie sidekicks. By Matthew Ashdown May 22, 2014. Best friends and tagalongs - no main characters, best movies to watch on home theater system. RELATED: 10 Best and 5 Worst Things About Persona 5 Plot. Gabby was the most famous of all the "Sidekicks" of the western stars of the B movies of the 20's-50's and along with Smiley Burnette placed in the top 10 of western stars on several occasions even though they were not the featured actors in their films. Michael Cera’s take on the iconic role proves that there is more to the sidekick gig than just “unbelievable obeying.” This Robin is the agent of emotional growth for his bat-padre, an accidental ward who evolves into part of Batman’s chosen family. The best sidekicks are entertaining or endearing enough that the audience doesn’t mind (or even looks forward to) pausing on the main love story to spend time with them. A violent Wookie and a rebellious star pilot teaming up together is not a sight you see every day. Stealing a superhero’s sister’s purse isn’t the typical opening gambit for an aspiring sidekick, but it works out in the long run for Roy. In many ways, they transcend the role of sidekick, embracing the gonzo journalist directive to become the protagonist in your own story. However, not a lot of comic book movies have translated those sidekicks to the screen because they can come off as cheesy or distract from the main hero. Back to top. Jiminy Cricket is the official conscience of the movie, and Pinocchio's moral compass. Childhood friend of the hero? Dogwelder literally welds dogs to criminals. The pair bicker, squabble, and argue, but the loyalty and commitment between these lifelong friends stretches to the end of the Earth and back. There is more to a sidekick, however, than someone who makes the protagonist shine brighter by comparison. September 19, 2017. A Player 2. Top 15 Best Superhero Sidekicks Of All Time. Ok, maybe not, but don't you wi. Some stand out and are more memorable than others. Morty might be described as “challenged,” as he struggles in school and speaks with a stutter. Mini-Me Pretty much every story that’s been told for the last few hundred years has featured a sidekick characters in some form or another. Like no other dragons ever, Lockheed can power interdimensional trains and participate in cross time capers. Like most dragons, Lockheed can fly and breathe fire. Gotham City has its share of ... complex … inhabitants. There’s a complex network of Luigi lore – go choose your own sidekick adventure. Lucille proves that strong, silent types can kick sides with the best of them.